Resin on metal

Ok well might be a stupid question, but someone wanted to put some metal inlays on a board… Just something thin not sure how big exactly . Met him out in the water and he is going to get a hold of me. I was just curious if resin would even stick to the metal. Maybe if i sand it up real good??? Or epoxy??? Has anyone heard anything on this at all? Sounds intersting if anything would bond good. Thanks John C.

I’m not sure this is very helpful but I once met a guy in the line-up with a metal stringer. I think it was aluminum. I’d worry about leaving it in the sun. Talk about delamination!-Josh I.

You can get resin to stick to metal. I once helped a boat builder glass over the leaking aluminum hulls of a pontoon boat. We used vinylester resin for a skin coat before using polyester for a further layer and they are still holding up after a couple of years of rental use.(however the vinylester resin was expensive and not clear as is silma)

To my understanding, aluminium expands or shrinks according to temperature, it may cause delam problems … Pierre

Epoxy is used for bonding to metal. The metal must be properly prepared (sanded and cleaned) and it is then possible. I used to sell to a company that made boats with steel hulls. They used our resins for coating some parts. If your serious about this I can look back through my notes and see is there’s any thing else you should know.

You Guys are great… i go to sleep at 3 and wake up and already some good info. thanks for al the help. Yea i am serious about this. Im not sure what kinda metal he wants to use but he was saying something about doin some engraving kinda like on old time buildings. Seems like it would ad a bit of weight but doesnt seem like he minds. Even if this guy flakes i would like to try it. Metal stringer sounds cool too. I like doing black or red pigments on my stringer but a thin metal strip would look kinda cool too if its feasable. Again thank you!!! Im gonna call him today and get more input. Later on… John C

The parts were sandblasted and then wiped with acetone. Also our 2020 resin would give a better bond than 2000. It’s a bit more flexible and the expansion and contraction of metal would require a more flexable resin system.

Greg, I cannot find any links or ordering info to your Resin Research epoxies. I am definately interested in trying it out. Could you give me some contact info? Thanks Quinn