resin pinline

i did my first resin pin-line and it was a mess do i have to sand a little the pin-line ??

how about if I’m not applying any gloss coat ??

if I’m not doing any gloss coat is it better if i do it with acrylic paint? 

If the resin pinline is awful, it is possible to sand it off.  Ask me how I know this? :)  If there are pinholes in the hotcoat, beware the sanding/pinline dust getting into the holes or exposed weave.  Use a compressor to blow the pinline residue off the board.  Pull your tape and try it again.  Hit the piline with a scotchbrite pad to remove the wax and gloss the board.  Good luck


I use my slag resin from the pump because it is thick.

Couple drops of cobalt (excellerant).

Squirt of surfacing agent (wax).

Brush quickly.

Use only good tape.

Sand top with a block and 129 grit to make it flat.

fold 120 grit over a razor blade and run along edges. This will clean them up.

Barry, what ratio of resin to pigment do you use on a standard black pinline?
Do you normally do a gloss coat over the top or is the pinline the last step?
I just got me some black pigment but I havent had a chance to give it a whirl yet.

I add enough pigment so that i cannot see through it when held up to the light.

I do both. Gloss over it after a slight sanding.

Same with Acrylic on sand finishes.

Those boards are glossed and polished.

It’s hard to see but. I did these with resin, then did some silver pearlesent highlights with paint.


**Your work is just so fine! Me thinks that if you and I were to share a session in a 2 hole "crapper" the only smell would be mine!!! HA! Absolutely love the glue lines. Hey is the balsa in the Walker blank?**



No that is some of my Agave. glued in there.

It was also my last Walker Foam blank.(RIP Walker Foam).

I scored an old container of hastings yellow/amber resin tint from a trash can.

Thats the resin color over that wood.

Bitchin’ color no?