Resin pinlines without gloss?

just wondering…

with resin pinlines, whats the downside to not doing a glosscoat over them and the rest of the board? is it just aesthetics, or is there a functional reason to have a glosscoat over pins?


Howzit speciak, No down side except for the small bump from the resin and it shouldn’t wear off for quite a while if at all. since it’s sanded finish board one way is to just paint the pin lines on the foam before glassing, I find this works well.Aloha,Kokua

Just did it. Look up The Art of Wanking to see the results.

nice one wanks, looks like i might do the same thing (hoping it’ll turn out as good as yours)

got it…

thanks again kokua!

The glosscoat over the pins creates fillets on each side to help blend them into the deck so there’s no edge to chip off. If you sand them carefully, you wouldn’t need to gloss. Be careful on the compound polishing though.