resin ratios epoxy and glass

On my last board I have been weighing both the glass and the resin to get as close to 1 to 1 ratios as possible and i have found a bit of difference between types of glass and amount of resin to do hand laminations.

On the bottom I used an 4 oz S glass equiv standard weave and glass weighed 170 grams I i used ~220 grams to wet it out after squeeging excess out. Used 120grams to cheater/fill coat

On the deck I used a 5.7 oz saturn weave glass weighed 260 grams and i ended up using ~250 grams. so it would seem that i would get a better resin to glass ratio out of the saturn weave and a higher strength to weight ratio as well. I havent cheater/filled yet.

So does glass type effect resin ratios?

just curious as i start down the road of light weight compasands…