Resin Research in the UK

To all the UK guys. Seabase will be getting some Resin Research epoxy by about June. Lets hope the weather warms up enough for us to try the stuff out. Greg you cant perhaps organize some free sample for the Sway guys here in the UK?

Keep well

This should be with seabase on friday the 16th of Monday the 19th of June

Its at Seabase now, and they are working closely with Greg Loehr via Resin Research so have all the tech sheets,user guides and made my life a lot easier when I made my EPS a few weeks ago using their products.

How much was the epoxy and stuff except the Blank?

hi swifty, i got some resin research epoxy a couple of weeks ago from seabase i hav/nt used it yet but it looks like its low viscosity and water clear so should be good stuff, it cost £69 +vat for a 6 litre kit and the additive f cost £2.90 for 125ml,pete

Will that 6 kg do about 2 boards. I will look into getting some in a few weeks. Are you going to glass your next board conventional or Vacum bag it.

Keep Well

hi swifty , 6 kgs should do 4 or 5 boards ,short boards anyway , i have vacced some of my boards but weight wise its splitting hairs ,its just so much easier to hand laminate, pete

I’m looking forward to giving this a try.

Speaking to dave from connex and he said you only need to key with sand paper between coats, but I’ve read here that is also advised to rub down with denatured alcohol.

I cant seen to find any though, do you guys use this, if so where from?

can I use metholated or white spirate???


Hi Guys

What about the EPS blanks, I’ve asked seabase for some info but alas no luck. Any idea on sizes and price, need something to take the place of a 6’ 2" C. Also when we going to get a fish fry going!

cheers Joe

What the US call denatured alcohol is what we call Methylated spirits in the UK

Thanks mark, I thought it would be one or the other.

The differences in US/UK brand names, and measurments constantly does my head in. just got my head round US fluid Oz are more than a UK Fluid Oz?

any problems with the purple pigment thats added?

Just e-mails seabase for a price list, the info’s not up on the website yet, but thats hardly suprising, still says that they have a full range of clarke blanks! they really should get round to updating it.

cheers again.

Not tried epoxy yet…soon soon… but would doubt the small quantity of dye has an effect. Hopefully someone will confirm.

Is US denatured alcohol clear or dyed?

Alternative is to get some isopropyl alcohol from the chemist of from chemical supplier.Liable to be more expensive but is a good degreasant/cleaner.

Thansk mark.

Checked my mail and had a responcefrom sea base:

Thank you for your enquiry. Sorry about the delay in replying, we are

normally on the ball with emails but very busy this afternoon:

"The EPS foam we sell varies due to the densities - here are some spot

prices though:

EPS 6’03", Rockered, Thickness as Clark Foam, £47.65

EPS 6’4" (Fish style), Rockered, Thickness as Clark Foam, £56.95

Prices increase proportionally so that’s just a guide.

RR 1 litre £14.90

RR 3 litre £42.40

RR 6 litre £69.90

RR bulk price per kg (resin & hardner) on 30kg + is £11.49

Additive F 125 ml £2.90

Additive F 1 litre £14.40

“Further to my email, I notice on Swaylocks there is a comment, possibly from yourself as you have a similar email address, about the Clark blanks. Just for reference, we do have a very good selection of Clark available, I don’t know if you could mention that. Its true the stock is diminishing but are selling what we kept back for our factory use so if you or anyone you know wants some just get in contact. We have recently being glassing Clark with Epoxy for a variation. Also Woody, the main reason for this email is I thought I’d send you the instruction and information sheet we have available so you can read through. If you have any comments on it I’d be happy to hear them - feedback is always good. Best regards P Seabase Europe” As soon as my blanks finised I’m definately going to order some, and there you have it straight from the hoses mouth as it were, seabase do still have Clake blanks for sale. Yet more proof I assume way too much sorry guys. Thanks P[1].doc

You can get a litre of isopropyl alcohol from Maplins for a tenner. Seems to work ok.