resin research resin

Greg, I just wanted to let you know that your fast cure resin is great!, and the additive “f” makes finishing the boards so much easier! regis got me hooked on your resin a few years back but I did not know about additve “f” Now if only I could find a consistent supplier of eps blanks i would be set! Matt thompson

Matt, Thanks so much. Where are you located? Maybe I can help you with that blank supplier.

Greg, Thanks for replying! I’m in Nj and I used to work with regis when he worked for Fly! I know where you will tell me to get blanks ,but I do not like the rockers and I do not have a good relationship with that person(fly). I was wondering why you guys dont ship blanks anymore you used to ship them to my old co. If you know of anyone else that would ship some? I’ve already talked to davo and steve forestall! I just dont have the space to cut my own! Thanks