Resin Swirl Problem

Hey I have a question. I'm doing a 9'3" Longboard, and I just laminated the bottom with a blue/green pigmented resin swirl, and had the perimeter of the deck taped off with plans to do a solid green inlay with a clear lam over top of that. after doing the bottom, I noticed that the blue and green bled underneath the tape, and in some places ALOT, like 4 inches past the tape. My question is, is there any way around fixing this? i was thinking about white heavily pigmented resin brushed over the blue bleeds. another thought was sanding the blue off, but i don't know how deep i would have to sand. Thanks.

use better tape

do a white pigment deck

pinline to define lap

your ok

flow with it

just do a opaque deck and pin and your sins will be forgiven!

so your saying if i do a green pigmented deck, with out whiting out the bleeds it won't show. Cause this is beyond covering it up with pinlines

Do your deck with Pigment. Use the pinline for a transition look on your lap. Maybe if you posted some pictures I could better guide you?

wow! 4 inches past the tape?

as ding said use better tape

I see your point with the whight resin to help hide the bleed but why not use

a primer paint insted

your definetly gonna have to pinline it

Hi - A friend has had a couple of bellyboards laminated with abstract swirl bottoms.  The glasser did the bottom first and zipped the laminate at the rail apex (no overlap but beyond normal cutline zone for an inlay)  The deck on each is a solid opaque - over the rails and cut lapped on the bottom.  I don't think they sprayed the rails... just double layers of cloth soaked in heavily pigmented resin.  I can't see any of the abstract stuff through the opaque lamination.  Doing blind cutlaps through heavy pigment can introduce some other problems though but there are ways around those.

You could swirl the deck......

I’ll give you last years resolution for free: I will only buy 3M tape.

I’d done a very colourful abstract bottom, cheap tape, bleed to deck, I’d planned on a clear deck but did a solid colour inlay/ clear over and it looked great, it had bleed orange so the deck’s orange. Like surfding said sometimes you have to change the plan. How about doing a solid green reverse-lapped deck over your patch?

Okay, thanks for the advice. I always use 3m, but this board was taped off a month ago cause I got busy doing other boards for friends. This delay in doing the bottom lam could have resulted in the tape losing its stickiness. I've learned my lesson though. As long as the dark blue pigment stains dont show through the green deck, I think I'll be in the clear.

What a drag, all that grief for being lazy. Better luck next time right?


Any how, I'd first fog spray the entire deck with white acrylic paint. Then I'd do an opaque inlay of whatever color you choose...white? Green? whatever.

If you don't spray first and your going over green spider veins you are going to need to use a lot of pigment...I mean a lot to cover light over dark.  And what will/might happen is that you will slow the catalyast reaction down so much that you'll get another set of problems. like "Hey my lam never kicked off....or the famous 'hey my resin drained out of my fiberglass...classic"


Next time don't tape off the board until your ready to work. I'd also check for greasy hand prints, dog hair and dead bugs too.


Good luck, but completely fixable.


You could swirl the deck......


I'm with Stingray on this one.

I think that I am going to brush white acrylic over the bluish bleeds, then do my green pigmented volan inlay kinda along the idea that resinhead had. If anyone sees any problems resulting from this idea then let me know. thanks for the advice guys.