Resin Tint Bleeding

I’ve been using the Blue 3M tape to mark off my lap lines. Lately when I do my cut lams after I cut the edge and pull the tape I’ve been getting about 1/8 to 1/4 inch bleeding into the foam? What am i doing wrong? i start with a super clean blank, I lay the tape down, I scribe the tape with my rail tool, I cut the tape to the rail profile as scribed with blade, I burnish the tape to the blank, and I lam. It seems resin swirls are worse that straight colors? Any Ideas?? Jay

Howzit Resin head, the blue tape is a long mask tape used basically in house painting and you shoud use 3m 233 or 233plus tape instead. Due to enviromental reasons their tapes aren’t what they use to be. 3m’s 2050 tape was the standard in the days of pigments and tints. but it isn’t the same today. Aloha, Kokua

Hey Kokua, What’s the difference between 233 and 233 plus? -Jay

Howzit Resinhead, 233 plus is the new and supposedly improved tape. It is green colored and a little thinner so it stretches. I wish they hadn’t discontinued the 233 since there are times it is the better choice for the task at hand, But the 233plus works just fine.Aloha, Kokua

Yo Kokua old buddy are you sure they discontinued the regular 233?In my area I can get both.The 233 plus was supposedly made with a thinner crepe paper so that it stretches and bends mo bettah.I like the green one for resin pins on clear boards,it lets my elderly eyes see the spacing better.I am not buying fom surfboard suppliers but from auto paint suppliers.Later R.B.

Howzit Cleanlines, Fiberglass Hi. told me that 3M had discontinued the 233and what was left in their inventory was all there was left. They are now stocking another brand that does the job but it’s not quite 233 quality. Aloha, Kokua

The 3M factory rep will be at my local supply shop next week,I will corner him and find out what the deal is.This guy is great,he gives me all of the updates and tons of free stuff to play with.Sandpaper and polishing sytems are changing almost monthly.He keeps telling me about a trade show in Las Vegas that will display every product on the planet.New toys boys. R. Brucker