Resin tint help

I did my first resin tint and cutlap this weekend. The cutlap came out well. Only problem is the resin colour was not what I had expected. On the tin it said translucent yellow but it came out a sort of lumonous lime yellow. What did I do wrong. See below

Hey Swifty,

Sounds like you did nothing wrong? unless you started to mix different pigments & manufacturers of pigments? Anyway, seeing your board is Luminous Lime Yellow, it sounds like the color of radiator fluid, cool. If you put enough pigment in the mix it probably turned out a nice even color. Just ride it, and when you do the next board, do a test patch on a chunk of foam before you laminate. It’s amazing the difference in color when it’s only 1/16 of an inch, compared to when it 32 oz deep. And if you really don’t like the color, get a can of spray paint and have at it.


here is the pic

I think that looks sweet… I dig the Mountain Dew color. And who’s the chick holding the board in the picture? …she’s hot.