resin tint questions

hey guys i am planning my 1st resin tint and was wanting to get some advice.

heres what i am hoping to do, i was wondering if it will work.

i am planning to just tint the bottom of the board and keep the rails clear. the patten will be abstract but i want good color seperation. i was planning to get all ready to lam, with my color tints ready and my clear. then mekp 2% the colors and pour them and squegee them one at a time. i have read that 1st color to hit cloth wins so hoping that this with the faster set time will help keep colors from mudding. after the colors are all done mekp 1% the clear and pour clear over the whole thing and squegee  bottom and then laps

will this work? am i on the right track?

i do not know if i will end up with problems with the fast kick on the colors. I was wanting to almost do colors in 1st pour, gel and then clear 2 nd pour just to stop the colors mixing in the clear. will this make the glass job weaker? is it a big NO NO I am a bit of a newbie to glassing and am slow at it so was hoping this would give me a little grace time with the lam.

hey guys any advice would be helpful


so, trying to visualize what you want to do, a bottom inlay resin swirl/multi color pour … and clear rails … I think that means you first must do a reverse lam w/bottom cutlap, right?

or are planning to try to keep the colors away from the sides, keep it from running off the rails somehow?

dunno, but I’d be a little concerned about letting some parts of your lam start to gel before a squeegee ever touched it


maybe your plan be better served by doing a foam stain?

hey i was planning to pour the colors and work them ino the cloth with squegee and then work the clear in, and yeah was planning to do cut laps. i was thinking the patten will be a group of large blobs worked out in a spiral patten with some blending of colors. or maybe just a simple resin swirl in the nose of the board running down lightly  into the fins 

would work the resin into the cloth well before it gel up

would this make any differnce to the strengh of the lam?

cheers antony

I think you will need to do this bottom swirl in a masked off patch, you wont be working the resin in , you will be pulling it off.

may I suggest this,,,,

mask off the bottom patch and rails to keep them from getting resin on them

lay out cloth just past the tape

mix and pour your resin colors, use UV cat with a low % of mekp

pull off the resin, walk it into the sun for a few minutes

then throw some clear UV resin on and pull it off, and walk it out to the sun for a fe minutes

then cut the tape line before it gets too hard

you must work dilligently,,,

walk it in and out of the sun to get it hard, then let it cool

after it sets hard push the edge in with a hard roller and lam anothe layer of glass wraping the rails to the deck

then glass the top as normal