Resin tint / spray??

Hey guys. So basically there is this certain design of surfboard that I love so much. I just really like how sort of trashy it looks (Remember this is just my opininon). Just have no clue how I would glass it whether to spray or resin tint because it does look like it has some resin tint on it but then also sprayed O.o

So I have two surfboards 

Matt hurworth surfboard:



Cheers guys, Have a small idea on how I would go about Rusty but am completely lost with the mH!


The top one by Matt is all tint work. If you go to his site and go to Ruff Seas model you can blow up that board pic and see it’s tint work. Also he has a video showing how he does his tint work. As for Rusty board , looks like acrylic paint either rolled on with roller or maybe paint brush . Might even be resin foam stain.

Edit: After going to rusty’s wedsite under $35 airspray section, its definitely acrylic brushed or rolled. Leaning toward brush , maybe really thinned paint for water washed effect.

On my second board I did this

I painted the black on with a foam brush and didn’t use all that much paint. Then I took some sandpaper to it to remove a bit of paint or make the trashy effect or whatever you’re gonna call it. The teal color was in the resin. It’s an opaque pigment but I used very little, so it came out like that rather than nice and even. That’s also probably due to my non pro lam skills but it worked for the effect I wanted.

Ok sweet. Do you have the link for that I had a look on his site at his videos but they didn’t show any of the tint work for that model only showed a basic yellow tint.

Coobro, Im just assuming he did that board the same way as the video as far as applying tint. As for if its tint or not, I have no doubt its tints. There’s definitely a cut lap of turquoise that runs through black tint. Also you can see the squeegee or roller marks in the black (smoke) tint. There’s also turquoise showing through the smoke color where the colors connect making me believe more that its tints in lam. Paint would either smear or cover over other color. My bet is on tints in lam not paint. Here’s aboard i did in similar color tints

Ok sounds great I’ve never used a tint before only ever pigments. I understand that tints ar more opaque and you can see the stringer. 

So would you say that he would have done a turqoise tint base and then at the same time put another black tint on top? Would these two smudge at all?

Cheers(Btw that board looks sooo good)

He most likely did them seperate. You have a couple options on the way to tackle this.
#1 Tape off deck for cut lap and lam the turquoise or black areas first stopping where you want the other color to go. Id do the black first since its the smallest. Then when both colors are on and spread including the lap, tuck the laps. This is the tricky part cause you can end up smearing the colors due to messing with both colors at same time. Maybe use two rollers on lap. One for black and other for turquoise and dont touch other color much. Thays also why I’d do the black first. Turquoise wont show as bad if smeared onto the black. Flip and repeat on deck.
#2 This is an easier process and probably what Id recommend if you’re new to color lams. Tape off deck for lap. Lay cloth and mix out black resin only in bucket. After cutting cloth, decide where you want the black to stop. Then cut slits on the rail at the black line where its going to stop. That way when its time to tuck the lap you can do the colors seperately. Now spread black either with squeegee or brush or roller. Tuck the black laps. You can either let the black harden now or start the other color. Waiting for black to cure limits the smear. Now lam the other color. You can either cover the whole board inluding black or just stop at black. Remember first color to hit foam stays. The black will show through turquoise . But be careful, the black might still end up on your squeegee and then on the turquoise laps just keep wiping off squeegee if so. Flip and repeat for deck.

Ok thanks so much man. I think that should be more than enough info :slight_smile:

I’m going to try #2 I will post back in this thread when I go for it!