Resin tint supplier?

Can anyone recommend a supplier for resin tints? I generally buy from Fiberglass Supply, but they don’t have’m.

it’s listed in their catalog as having them??? try fiberglass hawaii in CA, or fiberglass florida, whichever is closer…

Fiberglass Hawaii in Santa Cruz: Ph: [831] 476 7464 Ask for Jessie, She’s really nice to talk to! You can also scour marine supply outlets.

marine supply stores prices are outrageous. 4.99-7.99 for a tube of pigment. 1oz saturates 1 qt. of resin with pigment. my newest splash was done with these pigments because i ran out of my supply. ran me about 25 bucks for all the pigment i needed for one board. Austin S.

For what it’s worth… I’ve used plain old paint store pigment with good results. The places that’ll do custom colors tend to have machines that’ll dispense the stuff, bring a few glass jars ( baby food jars are ideal ) and a sixpack for the guy in the paint department. Seems to work well with both polyester and epoxy resins, as it also works just fine with oil-base and water base paints. I have no idea what the pigments themselves use for a vehicle/base, just that it seems neutral with respect to the resins I have used it with. Hope that’s of use doc… has resin tints and pigments. Tints range from $7-14 and opaque pigments (2oz) are $4.20-7.10. And most other board building products too.

if your close to the south cal area, try Fiberglass sevices on Gaylord in long beach, Crystaliner in Costa Mesa, South bay plastics torrance WAYYYYY cheaper

The cheapest place I have found so far is . They sell many colors for around 12 bucks for 8 ozs. Still looking for cheaper. Let me know if anyone finds a place.

Yea fiberglass service guys in long beach are great… just high price on colors, but they do have nice tints… if you lookin for deal… i would shop around