Resin Tint?

How does one resin tint (one color) the top of a board that you wanted to have white/clear rails (1 1/2-2’’ perimeter 'round the whole board)?

Would this be a cut-lam on top…ie, glass did not wrap around and under the rails? If so, would the perimeter that was to be white have to be taped/masked to keep the tinted resin from hitting the white rails?

Would cutting the resin-tint lam be the same as a fabric nose-inlay on a l-board?

Sorry for the parochial question. Never used tint/opaques-


If you want clear rails, just color the blank directly, before any glassing. You can squeegee or airbrush. Let dry completely, then laminate.

You lost me about the rest.


If I read you right, you want to know how to do a clear bottom wrapped to the deck. The deck is opaque or deep tinted and lays inside the white or clear cutlap. You were on the right track. Lam the bottom, cutlap on the deck. Inlay a single lam 4 or 6 oz. with pigmentation, also cutlap. Finish the deck with a second layer of clear lam, free lap OK to the bottom. Pinline the cutlap on deckside. LeeDD’s foam tint is another way to do it that works well too.

Tom S.

Thanks for the confirmation on that bit of process!