Resin tint

to get a really dark resin tint, where you can barely make out the stringer…say i was using black what would you use to dye it. i have used the model paint in resin to dye it certain colors but i can only tint it. would i just use more paint or do i need some actual pigment?

personally, I’d go with the pigment.

Use pigment.Black??That is a tough one.Most opaques are based in white although I have done reds and dark blues that were almost opaque.Stay off of the pigments that come in little squeeze tubes that you get at the boat shops,most of it is watered down.I buy pigments from surfboard suppliers like Fiberglass Florida,Fiberglass hawaii etc.Black,white,yellow is cheaper…red and blue cost more. R.Brucker

yeah, don’t buy the boat stuff, doesn’t mix well. I used some red from the boat shop(with white surf pig)to make a pink and even after three strainers it had red specks in it.

i was specifically refering to this board. it seems to have alot of black in it and i was just thinking of a black rail/bottom or maybe a really really dark blue rail/bottom. Possible? without getting no sleep from stress? haha

Austin you have me a bit confused.Have you already done the board?Or are you thinking of doing one? R. Brucker

while your here cleanlines how do you do such intricate tints as this???

no i havent done it but i really wanna try. i want it to look kinda like the one on this link.

That is a super fine looking stick.Hats off to Gene Cooper if he is watching.I don’t know the exact sequence of the pour but it kinda looks like he used red,blue,yellow and maybe some black…the colors were probably all mixed at the same time and the fun began with a lot of crosswise pouring.When the colors blend they morph into other shades…blue into red=purple…blue into yellow=green…red into yellow=orange etc.You can also highlite the stripes by mixing a new batch of colors and working it in after the initial batch has jelled.One thing…it takes a ton of blue to get that effect and blue aint cheap.(not to mention a skilled hand). R. Brucker