resin tints

Could someone give a little advice on suitable colours, dye’s and at what stage you should add the tint to the resin.Cheers

Hey Jim, There’s lots of info on this one in the archives. Also, click on ‘resources’ then ‘articles’ and check out some of the ‘shaping and glassing’ tips. I think #4 addresses the color question. In a nutshell, pigment is added to the lamination resin. Make sure the deck and deck rail are taped off (tints call for cut laps) then squeege the resin over the cloth like you normally would, paying close attention to any streaking. It helps to set aside about a half cup of uncatalyzed but tinted resin to clean up later. Yellows and oranges are the easiest to work with. Have fun! Jamie

don’t forget to mix all the resin at once(without catalyst)(top lam and bottom lam)otherwise you will have two different shades.

yellow is the easiest, blue maybe the hardest. be sure your laps are pressed down well and fully adhered. 3M 233 is good tape, and a tongue blade will assure good adhesion. A tiny drop of white pigment in the tint will help also. good luck.

Thanks very much, sound advive from all, really logical I guess, but easily forgotten!