Resins?? How is Tap plastics resin different from silmar

I have been using surfboard resin from tap plastics for my repairs because I could not find anywhere to buy silmar resin. Now I do know somewhere in santa cruz that I can buy it from but I am not sure which resin is going to be like the resin I get at tap. I believe the resin from Tap is laminating resin because I dont have to sand between coats. Isn’t the difference between laminating and sanding resin just that sanding resin has parrafin wax in it which rises to the top when curing to “seal” the repair. For the tap resin I need to add parafin wax “surface curing agent” to the last coat. For the silmar resin should I buy laminating resin or sanding? I know the surfbord industry standard is silmar but is tap resin any different than silmar. Does it age worse?

They are both polyester resins.

Sanding resin is polyester resin with wax added as a surfacing agent. This makes the resin smoothly sandable. Sanding laminating resin is a pain.

If you are laminating, use laminating resin. If you are doing a hotcoat, use sanding resin. And go to Fiberglass Hawaii, they have much cheaper resins than Tap Plastics.

Where is fiberglass hawaii? Is it close to Berkeley? I live in Berkeley.

It’s in Santa Cruz…

Right off 17th Ave. it is a side street I don’t know the name of the street, but it is not far from the fire station just on the other side of the street.

I have had problems with Tap resin. I picked up a gal. of gloss and it would not set no matter what I tried.

I only use sanding resin to do repairs, never lam resin.


Santa Cruz: 1037 17th Avenue - Ph: [831] 476 7464

Santa Barbara: 221 W. Montecito Street - Ph: [805] 963 1140

Never ordered from santa Barbara, but the folks at Santa Cruz are terrific people.