Resizing a board

I built this hollow plywood and composite/cork board.   Its dimensions are 6’5" x 20" x 3" bottom shape is single to double to V.  It is my favorite board ive ever made, insanely light weight and I feel like its changed the way I surf. This said, I want to make one that is 6’8"x 20 3/4" x 3" for when its a bit bigger.   My Question here is How should i change the rocker as its length increases ? the 6’5" has 4 1/2" nose and about 2" tail.   I suppose the 6’8" version of this design should have a slight change in rocker, but i just cant decide.   so thanks for looking / giving me your ideas.    


Good looking board!
How light is “light”?

11 lbs .  ok so not insanely light but a very healthy board.  42 liters or something.  thing rips.  It has a sound to it when it gets going fast, and it flexes a tiny bit but what is flex anyway.  a resonance i tihnk 

Nice board, very good weight for a hws.

if it were me, with the board so close in length, I would just relax the rocker ever so slightly and keep the same numbers front and back.


thanks huck, that sounds good to me 

Hey Henry

Beautiful board!

A real quick resize in AKU shaper software shows no change in rocker from 6’5" to 6’8"…

Making the board 6’9" shows the Nose rocker and Tail rockers to increase by only 1/16"

Hope this helps



thanks greenlight, Judging by how the 6’5" rides I think the same rocker will do quite nice.   I think the 6’8" boards delayed trastition from single concave aft will make more of a speed demon for down the line power too   Ive shaped foam and wood, i find that i can make a plywood hollow in less time too by cutting out the external glassing/ finish work.  Internal Glass on these Hollow boards is jsut part of the build process, so a few coats of resin seals em up perfectly and quick   

heres the plan