Respirator Cartridges

I use a 3M respirator with 6001 organic vapor cartridges.   How often do you have to change these out?   Is there a definite shelf life or will you just start to notice that you are smelling alot more resin than usual? 

If you are smelling resin with the mask on it is past time to either refit the mask or change the cartridges. 

Check your seal and exhale valve.  If you have

facial hair, you might not have a good seal.  You

don't say how much you are glassing.  I replace

mine every six months.  Read the MDS sheet and

follow it.  If you are smelling fumes you might as well

not be using a mask.  Don't use it for shaping, a good

paper mask will work for those larger particles.

I have been using my current cartridges for about 6 hours a week for the past few months.   I use my respirator religiously when I have been glassing and sanding my current project.   Just wanted to check with the more seasoned folks. 

#m makes pink cartidges for sanding use those. Keep your mask in a siplock baggy and only use it for fumes. If you leave it in the open it won’t last as long. I change my filters every month or two depending how much glassing I do. I have met to many space cadets to not spend the doe on changing them.

    Howzit W1978,Listen to what the other guys told you since they all have it right and like girvin says keep your respirator in a Ziplok when not using it and don't use the chemical cartridges when sanding/ Aloha,Kokua

heres another question - is there a way to get new respirator head straps? i have a 3m and a north mask both in good condition just cleaned them up tonight but the head straps have no stretch left in them. throw them away and buy new masks, get some elastic strap from the sewing department in walmart, or can you buy replacements headstraps?

also if you use the pink filters for sanding/shaping and the vapor cartridges for glassing, do you use two seperate masks or swap the filters out on the same mask?

btw, i am using a MSA advantage mask right now - i got it for free from a buddy who works at haggemeyer - it is really nice! super soft face rubber with nice strong elastic straps - they seem like they will last much longer than the 3m and even the north.

     Howzit grasshopper,By any chance did you hang the respirator by the straps, that will kill those straps really fast. Sine the 3M Respirators are fairly cheap just get 2 and have 1 for sanding and 1 for resin work and make sure you put them both in a gal Ziplok. Aloha,Kokua

Binks is the only company that I know of that ever made replacement straps.  They make the best respirator too.  3M maybe.  Check on line at the 3M site.  As mentioned don't hang'em by the straps.

the respirators were hung by the straps sometimes, sometimes not - even the neck bands are toast and the mask was never hung by those. too much sweat and dirt and maybe i wear my mask a bit on the tight side. 3m straps go fast. north is a lot better. softer face rubber too. the msa is a caddilac compared to both. maybe the new 3m 7000 has better straps? no worries to buy a new one just hate to get rid of something that still has use left in it..........thanks!

I work 40hrs a week in a glass shop and i change my cartridges out every monday a small price to pay for what little protection they provide.

pierpont - do you notice a difference changing cartridges every week - fresher air, less resistance to breathe air in with new filters?

how often do you change out masks?

what brand do you prefer?

i went to walmart and bought some 3/4" elastic strap for a dollar. cut out the old elastic and put on new elastic with some dental floss & needle. for those who have a compulsion to make things last as long as possible…

Survivair Premier Plus (NIOSH)  half mask tried to post the specs on this mask, did not work, one of the best for all applications good idea to change cartridges as often as possible before you smell anything coming thru ,remember they are trapping toxins,  if you have ever talked to a rep they are always vauge about when to change cartridges.For sanding they have prefilters with adapter which prolongs the sanding cartridges anyway hope this helps always get the best you can afford and then some, your health is your wealth get the right cartridges for the right applications.due diligence.

i clean my mask several times a day with a mask wipe, store in a sealed bag when not in use, and last a a few months. I feel no resistance when breathing ,  the air seems to be clean no headaches from fumes.


oh i like 3m thats what my employer provides!