Restoration Advice

Just a couple of Q’s. When re-applying the gloss coat, does the resin just work out its own thickness or should I be careful not to let it come up too thick. Also I have to put a new Single fin on this old longboard, never having re set a fin any advice for a big single would be good.

Are you talking about reglossing a longboard and putting on a new glass on fin?This is tricky and could be a good thread if we can get Jim Phillips along for the ride. R. Brucker

Yes thats what I need to do. I have a feeling it will be hard to get it even in the tail area after laying the cloth for the fin. But there must be some way of doing it. The fin that is on there at the moment is not deep enough for the 17"wide tail and its a bit warped. It rides ok but I may as well put a better one on while im re glossing it.

There are two ways to do this stuff.One way is to get a board back into good rideable condition and the other is to turn it into a beautiful “wall hanger”.If you just want regloss and change out the fin I would offer a few suggestions.Clean all the wax and oil off ,Naptha is good followed by acetone.Get the old fin off.Repair the dings and then sand the whole deal with 80 grit on a power pad.Glass the fin on (check the archives…if you have no luck the guys will help you).Put a light hotcoat on the whole bottom.Next sand the board with 120 and go to 180.If you are careful in these steps you will be able to gloss as normal without adding a lot of weight.To finish you polish it out.If it was me I would just rub out the rails and delete the polishing part as it is going into the water and not a showroom.I have had pretty good luck with this method.Hope this helped somewhat. R. Brucker

I aquirred one of the best tools for restorations, a small sand blaster. One of the worst mistakes done during resto’s in trying to bet every thing flat and the shine off before adding a new layer of glass or resin. San as usuall, thne blast the hollows, it also gets the resin the same color. During most sand offs the old gloss rein has darkend quite much and stays darker in the dents