Restoring a board

I would like to learn how to restore boards. I have been told glassing and shaping 101 videos are good resources. I plan on doing this at my home in Fort Lauderdale. Any suggestions or words of advice on resources, techniques, cheap place for materials, best materials and techniques for a beginner? Thanks

The right coast guys should ring in here to help you with resources.Other than those two vids,get a book call the “Ding Repair Scriptures”.Herb

I’m not from florida but has quite an assort of materials. Any local board-builder should be able to tell you what glass weights to use if he sees the board. He might even sell the materials. That’s if you want to restore it to it’s orig cond. The work can be tricky though. Maybe someone can share tips on fairing in ding or reconstruction repairs. I read somewhere about using a barrier of duct tape aroud the repair to protect the surrounding glass. That will keep you from chasing the repair down the board as you try to blend it.trev

glue products in west palm is a god source for materials.

Check out the restorations at … If you can get ahold of Juan he could help…