Restoring a Vintage Skip this toxic mold?

I suspect artz lol

I’ve been doin old brownie repairs of late and leavin the glass wwhere it lays.

avoiding mold,the last one I tried to get to the dry spot and removed

an additional area of glass and found alge like green and fresh…!

I was impressed. But takin off the glass would compromise

the patina and the value fo shore…

brown foam is so dog gone cool!    



the older Yaters made the fresh oones look like uncured salami




That board went to a shop on Cape Cod. Nauset is a town on the Cape


I have factory invoice # 00260 dated 6-6-67. The earliest # on it is 9943 a 9’6 Skip Frye Model and the highest # on it is 10208 a !0’ Midget Farrelly Stringerless.

I have #9947 from that shipment hanging on my wall and it’s a 9’8 Frye. It says “Keller’s Surf Shop” on the stringer. There’s also 10045 an 11’ lifesaving board with a 1" balsa stringer.

Also on this invoice is the HY II that Dennis Doyle is riding in my movie “The Summer of '67.”

Skip would write the name of the shop that ordered the board on the stringer and sometimes on custom boards he would write the customers name. That’s why your board would have Nauset Surf Shop on the stringer. They were our dealer on Cape Cod. I don’t remember him signing any as it would be redudndant since his name is on the decal. Today you’ll see people talking about old boards not having a signature and that’s because shapers didn’t normally sign boards in those days.

More about Nauset: Jess Kithcart worked in the shop and he’s stopped in my shop in the not too distant past and we talked over old times. (We do a lot of that here)