Restoring a Vintage Skip this toxic mold?

Thinking of getting this old Skip Frye model by G&S. Probably around 68 or so with a waveset fin. I was planning on just making it watertight and leaving the funky patina.The shape is all there.

   Jim Phillips told me a horror story about Bud Gardner restoring an old board and it had toxic mold that just about killed him. What do you guys think? (The other board in the pics is an old Dextra)

Mold can be tough. Whenever i clean boats for gelcoat we spray em down with some acid solution. 

The stuff would easily melt through the foam though. IMO really any mold is dangerous if you inhale enough of it. Wear a respiator or even one of those full face 3M breathing masks or a dive mask with an air tank. Scrape all the gunk off the best you can. I would be warry of glassing over the mold.  You never know how the fiberglass or resin will react to the stuff. Maybe bring it to a health inspector haha


Me, I’d find the nearest fire ring at the beach.


Its a Skip Frye.  Sell it for 2 grand on Craigslist

Break out the bleach.  50//50 bleach and H2O.  Or stronger if you got a respirator.  Lowel

Bleach is mold’s enemy.


Good one!


I Had a cousin 
Who was in the business of restoring old homes. He died from complications due to mold exposure. Test a bleach solution and still wear a mask. Here in Florida Disney closed down a small area due to so much
toxic mold found in the area.

Is Skip so iconic that your board is really worth trying to restore? It looks like it fell off the roof at 65 mph on Hwy 8 after sitting behind someone’s garage in the sun the last 30 years. I’m with Bill. Mike

But it has “funky patina”!!

I have the same model and mine started out in that condition.  The fin is not a waveset but actually a glass on that G & S did. they essentially glassed the fin into a routed hole within a box. makes for a very strong combo.  I took it to bird for a pre-repair estimate and he gave me numbers around $300.  I then had it repaired by roper’s and Bird said it might fetch as much as $1200. My was from the fall of '67. By that winter everything started to go austalian v bottoms.  When you do “restore” it just fix the dings and replace the glass.  Do NOT add a bunch of color or coverups, that will decrease the value!

If I get it we plan on  just replacing glass where it was torn of. Not going to try to hide the old brown color. Fix all the dings sand real good. Might shoot a gloss but not sure. I restored an old Hobie like this and it looked and rode great.

    This board looks like shit. I am not going to try to hide anything. It is what it is. The shape is all good still.

  I like the way they take old cars and make em mechanically sound but just sand the rust a bit and clearcoat them versus repaintng and all that shit.

I figure I can do what I want in around 6 hours at the most with suncure resin.

Going to take your advice and bleach it good to kill the mold.  Thanks for the input. ( I didn’ t look at the fin that close Just assumed it was waveset)

This board is in a junk auction being held this weekend. I am betting they will sell the dextra and the Frye together and they will go for around $25. It’s in rural georgia. They like guns and trucks. Old beat to shit surfboards are not highly desired.

cleanlines, get it fixed and ride it. They are awesome vintage riders in waves with some size and push.

Another good mold killer is the spray-on tile-cleaner from the grocery store.

Not far from the Georga lState line right now. So where is that auction? Just kidding good luck.  hope it all works out.  

What’s the serial #? I have some old factory invoices from the era. I could probably date it within a week or so.

I’ve got one on the wall here in the shop. Made in May or June of '67. Same fin set up. They did have the WAVE set plasic boxes towards the end of the run in '68 but this looks like the routed in black glass set up. Bill Thraikill can tell you more about how they did that.

Yes, That looks like black mold under the glass. Buddy Gardner had a bad time when he sanded into it. Resin will kill it too. We had an old Weber that had it and we just cut a slit and poured resin in it. But it was all sunken in and we would up filling it up and coloring over it.

Not the recommended process for this board though.

You do not want to breathe that black mold. No matter what.

Bill, that board you have hanging on your wall is an absolute gem - even if it is twisted as hell after 47 years. Anybody who wants to see the state of the longboard art right before all hell broke loose (the shortboard revolution) should stop by your place for a visit.

I agree with Mike. Bills Shop has some sweet Boards and the shop it’s self has that It’sa real surfshop feel.  Bill has put much Aloha in that place. 

BalsaBill, possibly you could date my Frye pictured above. On the stringer is printed No 92 10026 NAUSET SURF SHOP

thanks Dave

I was outbid at the auction where the boards were. I had left an absentee bid. Oh well…one less project. thanks for the input