what are some good specs for a retro fish i am looking to build one but have no clue on what size tail nose etc. i tell you i could just go look at the specs from a channel islands board but i am lazy and would rather hear your guys imput. peace -lex

tell me nose thickness tail witdth and how far should the butt crack of the fish go in.

one word, archives

go, search, learn

Ditto what kellerfreek posted. Check the archives. Tons of info on fishes. Come back with more info like your weight, height, skill, type of surf, etc. and you’ll get some responses I suppose. Mike

Hey, man I could share the love… John Mellor sent me his template for a 6 foot fish I could sent it to you, but only if john will post back, and say it’s ok, cuz I don’t want to upset anyone. Just thought it might help. And of course I have to give credit where it is due… Daxx

Heck yeah… I just kind of made it up though, so don’t hesitate to modify it.

Retro Lis Fishies are way cool fun …




Maybe someone could post All templates of famous boards on line???Also, why is it STILL called retro??

... Also, why is it STILL called retro??

Seems like the thing to do since it’s referencing a kneeboard design that was hatched in 70’s or so. NOT that they ALL conformed to the same original set of kneelo spex, either - they just all have the same direct parentage (Steve Lis & Co.). YMMV.

Tight thats what i was looking for a freaking diagram… damn that looks like a fun board. thanks guys for your help and before i post somthing on the lines of this again i am gonna check the archives so i elminate that need for you to tell me go search. thanks guys again well peace out- lex