Retro Shapers in NJ?

Anybody out there shape, or know of someone who does, single-fins/fishes in the new jersey/lbi area? I am intereseted in getting a modern, custom single fin shaped. Any info would be appreciated.

Drop me an email- my shaper (shapes in CA but his market is here in NJ) shaped a pretty solid singlefin for me- ultra fast but ultra loose too. Someone else has it at the moment (it is a demo/feedback board), but I can get it back and put you on it, or you can just check it out, if you would like. Also, you can check out the retro-fish he shaped for me. Go to “the bomb factory” in the boards section at and check out the “retro zen” model. FYI- I will be snowboarding Fri evening to Sunday, so if you do not hear from me right away it might be because I am away.

Tom Eadon from the Rumson area. His shapes are at Island Style in Sea Bright.

I know a really good retro shaper on Long Island I don’t know if that is any help. I can get you his info if you want he takes a while but he is really good.

I’d have to second Tom Eadon as he’s actually working on a Single Fin Egg for me right now. He’s been shaping for years and is an engineer by trade. He shapes for Dorf at Island Style and also under the label “Cosmic Bull”. Look them up through google, cosmic bull surfboards. I don’t know if they deal directly with the public but I can put you in touch with a shop owner who’s a friend. We are putting together a batch of custom orders right now for him to shape, so let me know. Also, just so you know, they are glassed down in Kitty Hawk by this guy Tim, I forget his last name, but he does anything and everything and is incredible. An alternative would be Fly, down in ocean city. He’s working with Greg Loher’s epoxy as well I believe.

The guy in Kitty Hawk, NC, refered to in the last post is TIm Nolte. He makes a superb board, and the glassing is great quality. He’s been glassing boards for me and my friend for a year now, and we have nothing but good things to say. – dave

I am glad to see Tim Nolte’s work being acknowledged. I’ve been riding his boards for over 10 years. He is an excellent shaper (no machines for him) and the laminating is the best I’ve seen on the East Coast. He and his brother in law Scott do all the work. He usually turns around a custom shape for me in 3-4 weeks. He is also a professional to deal with- not a sketchy no show no contact type - a real good guy ! Good waves to all JN

T0M Eadon! I remember him from Rise Surfboards, Great shaper, true craftsman and even better person. Glad to hear Tommy is still mowing foam. the best riding board I ever had came from him in the 70’s or was it the early 80’s.getting older is a bitch,but as long as we can still surf it is not so bad.

T.E. does a great retro shape, but guys give credit where it is due, those great glass jobs (inlays, pigments etc) are all done by Paul Baymore A.K.A. the Fly in his NJ factory. Oh yeah and the FLY is also a sh!t hot shaper. And if its LBI you’re after, I can knock out a half decent retro myself in BL and have the Fly do the glass work

Brian Wynn just moved back to NJ and should be back in business soon. He shaped with me at Northwind for the last 4+ years. Not only is he a very good shaper but can do pretty much anything you can think of with tints, opaques, resin pinline work, etc. sk

Do you have a contact for Brian? Where is he going to be based out of?

A bunch of my buddies ride B. Wynns and have become loyal to his shapes. Having rode their boards I have high regards for Brian Wynn shapes. Surfers Supplies in Ocean City has been stocking them (NorthWind Glassing models) for a while now. If you are looking for a retro design he makes a great board called the “retro groove” My friend is selling a 6’10" “retro groove” so he can get the identical board in 6’8". The board for sale is approx. 16" nose, 21.5" center, 14.75 round pin tail, and 2.75 thick…he rides strictly as a single but it does have fcs plugs for sidebites…real nice concace vee bottoms, and beaky nose…and tan/yellow resin work with pinlines. Located in NJ. let me know if interested I can give you his number. I personally have been riding Tim Noltes and have to agree with the above poster that his work is flawless. Tim and his brother-n-law must sprinkle magic dust on these boards during the process because they hold up really well.

I am definitly interested. Since I go to LBI often, that would be perfect. Drop me an email.