reusing wax?

I have a fairly good sized ball of wax. Any suggestions for recycling, reusing, or anything like that. its jus sittin in my living room, and besides a conversation piece, it aint worth much. Help me give this ball o wax some life again!

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Stick in a wick… sculpt your dream wave… create an adjustable stepdeck couterweight…roll it in glitter and hang from the ceiling…carve out a whistle or flute… gently warm it and help your woman “clean up” her bikini line… create a really BIG LONG HEAVY BAR and share with Swaylocks the advantages of speed waxing…

Melt it and then once its coolish but not hard rub it on your board for a good base coat or sometimes even a good regular wax coat. I do this and it seems to work o.k.


Put it in a container that wont melt, pop it in the microwave until it is completely melted. Let it cool, then pop it out of the container. All the dirt and sand will be at the bottom. Scrape or cut off the dirt and reuse the wax. Depending on the water temp and the wax you previously used, it works quite well. Can be messy, I dont know if its worth the hassle unless you are someplace where wax is expensive (out of the states).

well, i live in the NW, i can get wax moderately easy, however, its jus more so about not tossin wax in the trash, and gettin more bag for my buck… did the microwave thing, in a pyrex bowl…waxpaper to get ot out fairly easlily. Now heres my question after all that, whats a good way to reform it into a solid, user friendly format. I figure some kind of mold would be best, i tried the top of a mason jar, with moderate success. what do the pro wax guys use?

Make a wax sculpture out of it!!! :slight_smile:

so after a lil tweakin, and some melted tuperwares, i got the best thing i could get, for what i got around. melted the wax like was previously advised, then i got rid of all the dirt and sand and cat har! The remelted it again, and used a small tuperware for a mold. Dump the hot wax in the mold, stick it in the freezer for say, half an hourand it should be right frozen, and pop out with little difficulty. Hope others can try this out, less wax in the trash is good for everyone…

stay stoked-caleb

I was thinking you could put the wax (all of it) on the hood of that guy’s convertible llate model porsche that always shows up at the break with a soft top sticking out of the back seat. That guy bugs me.

Oh yeah. I hope your wax is super antaractic cold water frio wax, so it melts easy when you breathe on it.

So did you add the flesh color, or is that from skin stuck to the wax?

the wax was super dirty. perhaps the heat added color? jus dirt from my booties? i dunno… i wound up with like 7 zog sized bars after removing dirt and sand. Waxed my Aloha 7’ with it today, works perfect. spread the word!