Game over everyone, this is the future!!

The boys in the cabinet-makers next door have been at it again...


This time Rosco has revolutionised board design with one simple move - eliminate ALL the pesky like curves and contours.










You got it all wrong !  That thing won’t turn if it aint got any black rails !

OMG yeah! And no decal either...

I don't know why the inline pics didn't work this time - try again...

The Chinese board makers have really improved their quiver.

I dunno, I'm digging the composite sandwich construction.

Ya better mark the sweet spot.

It looks stable, and the outline is fair. But you got it all wrong if you think that masonite fin is going to work in the water. Masonite is particle board and is going to fall apart and swell when it gets wet.   That's the only thing I'd change.  Also, what's with the brackets holding the fin on?  If those are zinc coated L brackets, they are going to rust just looking at salt water...I'd change those out too before getting the board wet.

As for the ding, I'd put some tape over it first....see how it rides? If it's a keeper, then I'd spend the time and fix the ding right. I'd make a pefect inlay chunk, put a little filler on that, sand it smooth..spray it to match, maybe 1 or 2 layers of 4 oz, then put a nice gloss one will ever know it was dinged.

Looks like you have some work before you can ride it....but over all nice shape, tell us how it rides. Post pictures.

I like the mini-sim tail.  Maybe give it twin keels?

You got it wrong Josh, that’s a coat hanger on a door, not a fin on a surfboard.

Resinhead, the masonite fin is designed to swell when in the water, its the first ever fin that changes shape WHILE you surf!!!. Josh, get some footage of rasta ripping on it, and bunnings will be sold out of all doors within a few months!!. Imagine how the fancy doors would go, the ones with the routed patterns in them, concaves!!!!

Don't worry josh, in 50 years when someone posts "Who first invented the door board", this thread will be here to prove it was you!!!


I hate hangovers

Nice one josh, I see you have the parallel rails down pat now! Are you taking one to the fish fry? Half expecting griffin to post that he did one in 1977! haha sorry grif jokin .

Sorry Guys but I think this dude beat us all to it![img_assist|nid=1057472|title=Man surfs door|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=660|height=230]

that’s not a ding it is a vent.  But NOT revolutionary… in fact this is a total ripoff of the hollow D.O.O.R. board, for those of you who don’t remember the 1960’s…(or was it the 70’s? can’t recall…)   let me find my old mags and I’ll post an ad.

Roving free removable fin system…pure genius!!

I'm hoping Herb will chime in to talk about the placement of that hole. I don't think Roscoe is ready to go totally finless, but...



I've ridden a couple of boards over the years that though they did not look like doors definitly rode like a door.


I am new to shaping and very interested in this type of board. Can someone explain how it would ride compared to a fish with a round tail or a mini-simmons type board? I might want to build one with a little less width and 17 “L” brackets to really experiment with the bloating fin concept.

Some more advanced designs from the past.

Note the plank and frame construction method that is copied by some to this day !!