Revolutionary Slip On Cover For SUP and Surfboards

Thank you Slide Magazine for the nice review of our NEW UV cover in this issue of SLIDE MAGAZINE.

FYI, Swaylocks web site actually SELLS ad space.  If you’re promoting your product, seems like it would be fair to at least reimburse the guy (Mike Paler) who is providing all the eyeballs for you? 

Servers and bandwidth are not free.




I appreciate that. It was never my intention to use it as advertising only as a blog as intended to reach potential investors which we did do. I had no choice but to respond and try to explain our simple UV cover to the kind surfers who thought there blogs were cute. Other wise this is my last blog.

In the coming weeks we will be advertising and will consider all avenues of exposure including Swaylock’s.


Hey, I told a few friends about your invention so you owe me some money also.