Revolutionary Slip On Cover For SUP and Surfboards


  • Keeps boards over 24 degrees cooler versus uncovered boards
  • NO board bag hassles
  • Installs in ten seconds
  • Easy, simple UV protection
  • Made of 4 way stretch material
  • Conforms to any size board
  • Stretches up to 1.5 feet
For you surfers who use a day bag this is a solution for you too! Place topless board bag on wax side of surfboard then slip surfboard in travel bag:
  • NO MORE wax or sand inside travel bag
  • Travel bag stays new & clean inside
  • Surfboard slides in with ease
  • Topless board bag machine washable [img_assist|nid=1065189|title=TOPLESS BOARD BAG|desc=SIMPLE SLIP ON UV COVER|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=75]

Half a board bag with all the features of a full terry towelling bag for the same price. Bargain !!

Protecting surfboards one side at a time.

Hope you find those investors.



Aloha Mooneemick.

Topless board bag was NEVER intended to compete with sock’s or day bags. Those bags get wax inside, dirt and sand inside and boards stick to the inside of bags and eventually scratch boards. I’m sure YOU use a sock or some type of bag?..but 85% of ALL surfers or ten million surfers use no UV protection all ALL. Here’s why topless board bag is so unique. Topless board bag was invented for the surfer who’s boards are hanging in the garage or patio with NO cover, NO dirt, NO dust and NO UV protection. They grab their boards, attach them to the top of cars, back of trucks or inside vehicles and drive with the sun’s UV rays beating down on the boards. Then they surf, get out of water and sit on beach for the day or hang out with friends for an hour or so. Or strap boards up against a fence like surfers do at Tourmaline surf park in San Diego OR lay boards on the ground OR put their boards back on their vehicles where the sun continues to deteriorate, fade and discolor surfboards. 85% of ALL surfers use NO cover because of the hassels of surf bags on the market. They are great for travel and for surfers who don’t mind dealing with their hassels. Topless board bag however slips on in less than ten seconds - topless board bag offers easiest UV protection to and from the beach - topless board bag allows a surfer to hang board with NO dirt OR dust building up on board - topless board bag has NO wax issues - topless board bag is maching washable - topless board bag folds up to size of football and fits easily in back pack - topless board bag can’t scratch bottom of your surfboard like day bags or socks from the sand, dirt or dust that builds up inside - topless board bag lets surfers place surfboards on ground without scratching bottom of board and still wax the top - topless board bag has NO wind strap noise or scratching top of vehicle from flapping sock’s - topless board bags are aerodynamic and fit like a glove - topless board bag is convienient to stack surfboards without the bulky day bag weight and height issues - topless board bag is removed from surfboard in less than one second - topless board bag is being used by surfers who put them on the wax side of surfboard then slip their boards in their day bags with** EASE** with **NO more wax inside day bags **- topless board bags are bought by surfers who slip them on wax side then lay boards on top of seats in their vans and cars with NO wax getting on seast - topless board bag lets surfers hang out at beach all day and keeps surfboards looking new - topless board bag adds a touch of class to a board hanging on a wall - topless board bag on surfboards in a surf shop keeps the back and side rails from fading - topless board bag is made of 4 way Spandex material and topless board bag needs only three sizes - 5’ 8" stretches to 8’ 6" - 8’ 6" to 11’ 6" and our stand up paddle bag (SUP) stretches from 10’ to 13’ - topless board bags look cool and have been in bisiness for over a year with investors - topless board bag is made in the UNITED STATES in right here in San Diego California - topless board bags were a hit at Sacred Craft Surf Expo in Santa Cruz California in March, 2011 - topless board bag was introduced to 105 surfers and we sold 62 bags - topless board bag is the solution to a problem - topless board bag is for the ten million surfers who have NO UV PROTECTION for their investment NOT the 15% who use the other bags and DON’T care for their hassels - topless board bag was invented for simple, easy UV protection to and from the beach - topless board bag was never intended to be a ding protector but a simple UV protector.

Take a good look and you’ll see…Topless Board Bag is a great idea for the easiest UV protection and a cover a surfer will actually use. Topless Board Bag…“The easiest UV protection for surfboards”.



But wait, there's more. The first 50 customers receive a pair of nose hair scissors ABSOLUTELY FREE!, that's right aboslutely free!. Let's hear what some of our customers have to say....


"Since using the topless board cover my nose hairs have been shorter than they've ever been, and i've even got a girlfriend now, we met on the net, she's from russia, and we're in love"

Bob, from Bumf*ck idaho.


So what your saying is topless boardbag has no top.

Cool !!!

My stupid old redundant terry sock bag has one of those pesky tops protecting my board from UV , dirt , wax , dings , yadda …yadda … yadda…  turn it inside out to wash it …yadda…yadda…yadda… protects on both sides at the same time …yadda…yadda…yadda… rolls up to the size of a football …yadda…yadda…yadda…

Like I said good luck with those investors.



Gone brainless,

1st of April was way back dude.

Beefan… ear hair is a bigger problem for me as the nose ones just don’t stand a chance with my finger always diggin around in there and having been shafted soo many times, bumfluff is also not an issue So suggest ear trimmers would get me VERY keen.

Rocky…BTW just saw a nice piece of topless swim by my rock, no wax, no dirt but nice UV tinted tits they were

You guys are right..I would have said the same stuff....Yeah it's lame , la la la...

Until I saw the product and used the product. I am not an investor. I don't know the owner. I paid the forty dollars for a bag. I like the bag. Simple and smart. Works great.

Stinger 'ol salt,

Good point of view and I for one will cop it sweet if I have pre judged.

One of several points i just do not get is this…

assume that when one leaves a board IN a car is when it gets hot enough for the wax to melt or soften enough to stick to a conventional sock/bag. So now the TOPLESS  without a top (oh now I get the name…silly Rocky) does away with that problem…BUT , now the melted or soft wax will stick ti your car seats, upholstery, tray …whatever for the same reason it was going to stick to a normal bag…Have I got something wrong here???

If the board is on a rack then same applies, or it is not hot enough to cause a wax problem so TOPLESS has no advantage.

Hard to guess why the average Joe really uses a bag but prolly because…

Travel…could not check in a TOPLESS

Stop wax getting in or on car…Topless is F&%ked in that department

Asthetics…OK if you like wearing a skirt or your board packed by Grandma

And more…

Rocky is missing the point of this revolutionary invention


Trump for prez!


Topless Board Bag when placed on wax side of board (which some surfers buy it for) can then be placed inside vehicle with NO wax transfer to car seats. Other surfers are placing topless board bag on wax side of surfboard then slipping surfboard into day bag or travel bag with eaze and NO wax issues ANYMORE inside travel bag. No more wax on bottom of surfboard. Topless board bag covering bottom of surfboard while on top of vehicle when driving is the easiest and smartest TO AND FROM THE BEACH UV protection for a surfboard which is why i invented it in the first place. **SIMPLE UV PROTECTION TO AND FROM THE BEACH.  **

It’s was invented for the millions of surfers who drive to the beach with **NO **UV protection on their investment…if they care about their surfboards that is. It was invented for the surfer who gets out of the water, slip this cover on in **less than ten seconds **and hangs out with friends with no issues of surfboard fading and discoloring WHILE all the other boards sit and slowly fade. It was invented for the surfer you and i see driving down the street each and everyday with NO UV PROTECTION ON THEIR SURFBOARD. Now there is a simple way to PROTECT those surfboards **TO AND FROM THE BEACH. **Some laugh and write silly comments for Topless Board Bag is new…but that’s okay for it solves a problem. That’s what simple ideas do they solve problems.That’s why the United States Patent Office is issuing us a Patent. I laugh all the way to the bank each day. Topless Board Bag however is a great idea and all we need is 3% of the 3 million surfers on the west coast to get one. The surf industry is an 8 biilion dollar a year industry with 1 billion being accessories like wax, wet suites, leaches, board bags etc. We want just a small piece of that accessory pie and we’re proving Topless Board Bag is a hit with surfers right here in San Diego. We currently have four investors with an angle investor who surfs we just met last Saturday at Tourmaline Surf Park in San Diego. Topless Board Bag…“Simple UV Protection For Surfboards”.

Topless Board Bag is going to turn the surf industry…UPSIDE down.  

Lots and lots of Aloha!


Well Topppo ,

If you have convinced all those hardcore surfers at the US Patent office that this is ‘the next big thing’…it must be soooper 'cause they never allow patents on silly ideas.

Also your ‘heart felt’ concern for true innovation, environmental concern and absolute single minded approach to your true soul and contribution to the surfing culture, without the slightest hint of greed or concern for your personal financial position is oozing and flowing like the blood of a true martyr from the quote above.

So CONRATULATIONS, you are a role model for all surfers globally, that this surfing thing is all about a great big cash cow just waiting to be milked, and true innovators like you deserve everything you get…as Midget alludes to…Mr T…rump would be proud of yer boy…but I hear ya Toppo, what does Midget know about the surfing industry, and hell he ain’t no overnight millionaire like you gunna be.

One last question…you don’t live in or around the San Deigo Zoo by any chance because if the patents office thought for one minute you got this fantastic idea from ruminations over the fence on the wind, you may loose priority…just a thought.

Rocky…my dog just farted, …brilliant!! busy writing out the patent application for…??? hey I ain’t sayin nuttin 

Ha Ha

Dear Mrs. Topless (at least, I HOPE you are a Mrs., because that’s the only way any of us would wanna see you topless),

although I appreciate your enthusiasm for this original idea, I am sure that Burton Snowboards, who also owns Channel Islands surfboards, probably has much better patent attorneys at their disposal than you do, and probably has a patent on this type of thing for surfboards already, especially considering they’ve been making them for snowboards for many years. I know this, because I own SIX of them.,default,pd.html


Good luck!

well i hate to burst your investor bubble but fcs already has this same product on the market 

Reasons for full bag or sock-

#1) You don’t get wax on your seats, your arm, your pants or your car racks.

#2) You can stack boards in your car or on your roof without waxing the bottom of your boards.

#3) You can designate the logo on any Board Bag or Socks the “up-side” and then always put your board wax up on the logo side. Thus eliminating the possibility of getting wax on the bottom of your board.

#4) A Bag or Sock keeps dirt and rocks out better than a half open design where dirt or debris could enter the bag. 

#5) Most people who are leaving there boards exposed to the sun like on a car roof or truck bed want the silver reflective material because the main concern is heat not UV exposure!

Just my 2 cents

......If the patent is successfull , does that make it illegal for me to use my ironing board cover on the six footer ?

I think "Topless" and "Bottomless" should get together.  Remember?  The guy who innvented the "Bottomless Booty"?  I'm thinking you guys could get some kind of grant from Obama.

My missus has one of those over her ironing board.

Mahalo to the 750 + surfers who have looked at our blog and according to our stats visited our web site as well. As you can see only a handful have chosen to be silly and critical. Mahalo also to those we’re in contact with via this blog and their interest and potential investment in this simple UV protection for surfboards. No where in our blog were we critical or demeaning to any of our fellow surfers or other products but we do want to clarify. Our UV board cover is intended for the millions of surfers WHO DON’T use a board bag or board sock for what ever reason. Not the surfers who do use day bags or socks. 

We introduced our topless board cover in San Diego in October, 2010. To date we’ve sold over 600. We’re just spreading the Aloha spirit to those surfers who want a simple cover that slips on in less than ten second for easy garage to beach protection. All the comments are true regarding other board bags and we don’t argue that. 

These blogs do work however so mahalo, mahalo.  We’ve just ordered a few hundred more from our manufacture in Chula Vista California and our new colors will be on line after June 12th. We will also be promoting our UV bag cover at the Pacific Beach Surf Club contest at Tourmaline Surf Park in San Diego on Saturday, June 11th. If you haven’t seen the demo for our cover please visit

Mau Nani La


I wasnt taking the piss, heres my wife ironing board cover, same idea but its got a ruffle on it.