Rhode Island Shapers

Are there any shapers in Rhode Island who would be willing to share a bay and maybe some tools? I’m going to be at the University of Rhode Island and I’d like to be able to keep shaping while I’m there if at all possible. Close to Narragansett would be nice since I don’t have a car and would be relying on blackmailing friends to get me there.


hey rachel. dave levy shapes boards in narragansett. he’s pretty well renowned around the new england scene, although i’ve never seen or ridden one of his boards personally. i don’t know what his bay is like but it’s worth a shot.

here’s his website: http://www.levysurfdesigns.com/pages/1/index.htm

that’s got his phone, fax, and email i believe. not sure how current it is? good luck!

These are the RI shapers that I’m aware of, Tom Hogan, Warm winds surf shop, David Levy, LSD designs, Jay (don’t now his last name and Bob “tight pants” Baluskas. There may be a slight chance one of them might be open to someone using their place.

Hi Rachel: I live in Narragansett - wound up here from NJ via URI and wound up staying. I’ve tried on numerous occassions to con my way into Tom Hogan’s shaping bay (even just to watch) without success and I’ve done business with him for years. Maybe it would be different with someone who’s been shaping for a while, I’m still just a wanna-be. Great guy, great shop - just can’t get into the bay.

BTW - I’m not aware of anyone up here doing eps/epoxy so if you’re looking for business let me know.

Thanks for all the help. I knew about Dave Levy, and I think he and Shane Smith (before he moved to Florida) were about the only big time guys in New England.

I was mostly trying to find someone who was more of a small-time/hobby shaper so borrowing their bay wouldn’t get in the way of their business. And I’ve only shaped two boards so far, so I’d probably take up a lot of unnecessary time.

If I can get EPS blanks and a work space I’ll probably be building EPS/epoxy boards. If I can get really understanding roommates than I might not even need a work space!

Hi Rachel,

Shoot me a line around the end of October - have some hobbist friends working with EPS, etc, who will have some free time around then, might be able to do something out here on the Cape.

hope thats of use


i go to URI also, and have a house in point judith next year… i have the basic tools, minus an electric planer, that i will most likely be bringing up to school. ive only shaped one board, but it was an eps/epoxy. it came out pretty decent, so im looking to do another really soon…

Well I stopped by Warm Winds yesterday and they’re looking for someone to do ding repair because they’re so swamped with boards to fix. It’s not quite shaping, but it’s a good start.

waverider1510, let me know when you’ve moved in and if you plan on shaping another board. I haven’t been gone for very long and I’m already wishing I could shape another.