rice paper lams

Hey Guys (&Gals) How do ya put a ricepaper lam dowm its all rolled up !do i use the resin to flatten it out? Help Thanks CC http://www,tikiroom.net

I believe you spray it LIGHTLY with 3m acrylic spray, that seals the inks better and won’t roll up. Correct me if I am wrong.

Use resin (without catalyst) to wet it and stick it before you do the glass job. If you are using two layers of glass at the same time, then put the laminates between the layers. Get out those airbubbles before You add catalyst to that bucket. Good luck and have fun. My fovorite laminates are the onew the KKK sends me. they are a big hit with all my hispanic and Jewish friends. Just kidding. I’m actually a rainbow warrior.

Thanks the spray worked great ! Okole Maluna Dr.Know! http://www,tikiroom.net

Dint You try to pick me up by the jetta last Monday? ; ) Thanks fer yer responce! http://www,tikiroom.net

if you’re making your own lams, you may want to iron them between two sheet of paper. works great and keeps the lam flat for easy working.

Howzit Allen, I think you guys are taking things a little to far with the ironing and uncatalyzed resin steps.On the bottom just put it between the foam and fiberglass, as for the deck in between the 2 layers of glass will work just fine. If your putting on a pigmented board you lam a piece ( just slightly bigger than the lam)of glass over it. I took a chance with the star board and lamed them on top of the glass job with no glass over them ( sanded finish board) to keep the thickness down. They came out great and no curling edges or tips.Aloha, Kokua