Rice Paper

Gday everyone,

I am finding it impossible to source Rice Paper over here in New Zealand, is Tissue paper or crepe or tracing paper a suitable replacement?

I am sure there are lots of different papers that would work… TriDrLes posted years ago about using the paper that they have on a roll to cover massage tables…

Best thing to do is to get some of the paper you think might work and do tests

Hello C-dog
Mulberry Thin ~ Takapuna Art Supplies (World HQ) looks really similar to what I can get locally in the US

background info:

You could try your local papers too. Print, glass onto scraps, leave them out in the sun for a few days, see if anything discolors.

Enclosing some pics. I took a mandala off the interweb- www.hellokids.com -laser printed on 30 GSM, colored the backside with alcohol based paint markers, and lammed it 4oz+4oz+epoxy onto an old skateboard that the kids made. The other pic is the other side of the skateboard showing a 30 GSM 3-color screen and a 15 GSM 1-color screen. Neither are awesome prints, the 3-color shows effects of too much moisture during printing and the single was a little dry, but they show the opacity change between weights of paper.

Tons of Caligraphy paper in rolls or sheets can be bought on line. eBay, Amazon etc.

Do any of your NZ arts & crafts store carry Sumi Art Paper?

Awesome thanks everyone, got some great tips and ideas there. Ill stop obsessing about rice paper and look at alternatives. Thanks for the other name for rice paper Stoneburner, found a supplier of Sumi paper here.
Cheers all

Thanks J greta ideas and nice artwork mate

Thanks mate ill give Calligraphy paper a whirl

I’ve used Hammermill Color Copier paper in a pinch. It doesn’t disappear completely so I just carefully cut out the logo very closely with an Xacto knife. Tested it on a scrap of foam and was happy so I proceeded with the board. Now several years later the logos on that board still look as good as day one.