Rich Halcyon, I'm calling you out!

I got these Halcyon twin fins in trade…   They weren’t made for me, they weren’t made for this board, and they certainly weren’t made to be used in a quad set.   I finally got around to trimming them for use in proboxes, but didn’t have a board with boxes in the right places for a twin.   So I swapped them out with my regular quad fronts just to see what would happen.

Took them out today in some short period chest-high windswell and THEY F-KING WENT OFF!

Honest to god, felt like an entirely different board.   I’m a big guy, so I like a lot of fin for drive.  Most of the time that means stiff.  Not these baddies, I could feel a squirt with every pump, very positive and great hold, and when it came time to turn the board was under me before I even knew what was happening.    From the first wave through the last, I felt like some kind of rockstar surfgod today, even though the conditions were anything but ideal.


So, Mr. Halcyon, I have to call you to the floor and ask you straight up.

What kind of black magic is this?  

And when can I get some more?   I’m off to Nica in a couple days, but when I get back I want to talk.


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Rich is crazy good.  Seriously worth the wait and every penny.

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Yo Schwuz,


Well it’s like this, Some guys come here to tout their wares. That’s not my style. I just wait around until someone surfs something of mine,  the board goes off and they get stoked enough to check in with some news. FYI since the last big south swell here on the left coast lots of guys are talking fins and boards with me. I have a bunch of stuff that I haven’t taken photos of and some the set-ups and boards are definitaly out of the box, but that’s where I live. I have a couple of sticks I haven’t yet christened because I haven’t yet made fins for them.

Black Magic = the way a helix is incorporated into the fin foil.

(Helix - a curve that lies on the surface of a cylinder or cone and cuts the element at a constant angle)

Tomorrow looks like a big day for developemental work cause Nick Palandrani, Wil Jobson and I are going to have a session. There will be some good stuff come out of it I can be sure. I’m damn lucky to have some great minds to collaborate with. Lately it’s all been quad, twinzer, and & long board single fin work. I’ll doing some panels this weekend cause I have a couple of sets of quads that have to get done ASAP. One set for a skinny Stretch Quad and another for a Source CEO.

As far as making custom fins or getting a custom board from one of the shapers I collaborate with,  just email me as many details, specs. and photos you can muster to Better yet if you in the hood check in – you can’t beat a hands on evaluation.

Hey Lee V. Thanx for the kudos.

Mahalo, Rich Sanders ~ Halcyon Custom Fins ~ Santa Cruz, Ca.

Cell 831-345-8195


P.S. Hey Chris – at the Wild Hook stairway yesterday noon after a longboard single fin surf. You with a clear Harbour, me with a super light orange resin tint Source. Check in with me when you’re so inclined. Oh and let’s find a home for that classic minty Weber of  yours mate.




I have placed the cash in a brown paper bag on the park bench as instructed.  No one saw me. And the police are not involved.  Now give them back.


(Rich, just so ya know, I traded for some really good stuff)

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Rich has helped me so much with advice on builds to amazing fins for cherished boards.

A brilliant designer and a good friend.


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Yo Greg,

The way I get it back there in the eastern woodlands where you are the only way to get anything of value is to do a trade. I hear from some very high sources that a buckskindeer bag full of wampum carries much worth. Talk to the chief of a local tribe and see if he’ll part with some. No worries about police the shamans control the Florida backwoods.




Yo Jeff,

Thanx for the kind words. Got lots of stuff going on. Just about have the When-no-na ready to launch in the salt. Hope you guys got that “GRANDER.” Check in when you get back from the island of “M”.

Off to the fin shop, Rich


Reality follows: I refuse to compete with mass production fin makers.
The year of R&R and functional development have taught me many lessons in the art of
template choice, composite staking, surface layout configuration, foiling, toe in & cant choice, & fin placement on a given stick.
This picture of fabrication is the “Black Magic” you refer to.
Working for $25.00 an hour simply will not happen pen in my fin shop.
I’m on the brink of some “Other-Worldly” production; It’s all hands
on and no one else I know would be willing to tackle it.
Check back on previous posts I’ve been a part of.
Sways has been good to me. I suppose the site 100%

Stay Stoked, Rich


“14 years later…”

I love this…