Rich Harbour

So after Rich made his comments about backyard/underground shapers and his reference to Swaylocks, he kinda rips on all of us for using Swaylocks but probably not contributing to the maintenance of the site. Rich has thrown down the gauntlet and challenged everyone to post their name and how much they’ve contributed. Wasn’t there a post from Mike about money being needed, but this site was kept alive because of the passion or something like that - I should check the archives but I gotta get back to work - that would be cool to post it on the Harbour site!

enough is enough. he said this she said that…get over it.

Get over what Sling? Rich is the one that posted the question, I’d be curious too. But I understand your sentiments since you own a number of Harbours, you’re a little defensive and that’s okay.

After reading Halycon’s post below and looling at Mr Harbours site I think I now have more of an appreciation of what transpired. I think it is unfortunate that the disagreement involved Herb and Rich Harbour. Herb has given alot to this site. Rich Harbour, based on the design section of his site, also seems to be a sharing type of a person. If John Mellors idea happens I think Mr Harbour would be a great seminar leader. In any case, as the owner of a Harbour board, a hobby builder, and a supporter of this site, this line of posts has been interesting.

Screw Rich

funny thing about Mr. Harbour-(i may have posted this before). About 12 years ago I stopped in to check out his shop-definitely some really nice old boards on display, including a Cheater.We struck up a conversation about it and stepdecks in general.As I was looking to buy a new one,I finally asked if he would build one for me.This was greeted with an emphatic “NO!” I asked why-he rambled on how they don’t work, that they always break at the step, etc.He told me he would no way ever build one of those again.As most of us know, he is not only building them again but claiming they were THE original bender board-HA!where did the design come from???Needless to say he lost a sale and a potential repeat customer…