Rich Parr shaper id?

Trying to decipher the shaper initials under the lam on this old parr. Any guesses?

I think Rich made all his boards. In the mid 70’s he left Hawaii. Not sure if Harold Ige did any ghost shaping, but he was at the shop a lot in the early 70s. I think after Rich left Ige took over the shop for a little while, but eventually opened a shop out in Pearl City.

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I can’t for sure ID the board as a Rich Parr, but it sure looks like one to me. Back in the late 60’s, early 70’s when boards had already gone shorter, at Rich’s shop on Queen Street you could buy a complete kit to build your own board for $40, and for another $10 Rich would shape it for you. Mine was a 6-8 single fin swallow tail, and as you can see the other board resembles the shape of your board. You can make the call. The rest of the Rich Parr story is a sad one.
Rich Parr