Rincon ....





enjoy !





My favourite type of waves… 

 Season's over, but come on over Ben.  I'll take you there.  Oh I forgot.  You sold your boards.



  CHEERS mate !


 I will have the pick of, oh .... 60 or so [?!] , when I move.


But , yes ...


I STILL  have SEVEN of my boards to sell, in TWENTY days ?!    .... [yikes ! bloomin' POSSESSIONS ... ]


'gumtree' , here I come , I guess ??





Sorry Ben - that video doesn't do DH or Rincon justice.  These old images of Reynolds Yater show the potential.  



I was fortunate to be able to witness this day at Rincon first hand. We had been camping at El Capitan and surfing perfect 5-8 foot waves wrapping around that right point. On the way home we drove past Rincon & by all the cars parked on the highway we knew something special was happening. We pulled over and watched the biggest and most perfect waves I’d ever seen. Yater was fearless and Reno Abillera was on all the set waves. That day of surfing El Cap and watching Rincon go off it’s nut is permanently burned into my memory even though it was 44 years ago. Thanks for posting that John, it really brought up some great memories.