RIP John Robert Treloar

Honering and thanking the man

He started surfing in the 1950’s mostly around Western port bay Mornington peninsula victoria.  Told me storys about paisting him self with lard to keep away the cold and long lonly swims rescuing his board out the back of flinders after falling off in the middle of winter . He showed me the gift of surfing and allot of other young kids .he grew up in lockheil avenue edithvale and was one of the only kids in the area that surfed and had a car so lots of kids would turn up early saturday morning he said not on sundays most of the kids had to go to church.

I started surfing with him early 1980’s starting at  onshore frankston beach, the boat shed pt leo, pines then flinders and back beaches and so on, fatherd me through the whole begginer process as he did by him self so many years earlier.

Thanks for your selfless gift  I promise to keep surfing for as long as I am physicaly able !

thanks Mr T XXOO