Ripping out old fin box

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I’ve stripped and pulled up alot of glass - the foam was melted somehow on the tail right near the fin box and I had to rip up the glass all around the fin box.

I’m thinking about replacing the fin box with a new one, but do not have a router.

The box is still intact, what would be easier glassing on the fin or pulling it out and putting an new box in?

Any resources on this?


Howzit css, If the box is intact and in good condition then just cap it when you glass the area and cut out around the box slot. Aloha,Kokua

Thank - that seems like a logical way to do it.

Where can you get good glass on fins?

Where can I get good glass on fins?

!!! Shoo! You make 'em, of course!

A “good glass on fin” might be 25 to 35 layers of glass. If you’ve made a few boards the glass will be scraps you’ve cut off the rails.

There are several short cuts involving wood that make life easier. I like to lay 3 layers of mat over 1/8 mahogany ply, then 1/8 ply on top. This way the center of the fin is glass and strong to resist rocks, etc., but most of the foiling work is done in wood - faster and less itchy dust.

Bert Burger posted a detailed pictorial aout making plywood core epoxy-glassed fins, with lotsa pictures, go find that thread.

The thing to know about wood fins is that you need to add some glass rope to the leading edge. Add it all around and you may find a beautiful halo, like the old days big D fins.