Roadside foam blanks????

I found a couple aluminum clad foam panels. Appear to be from a walkin cooler or structural roof panels. Anyone have any thoughts on them being usable for blanks. Just thought it could be the ultimate in recycling.  Thanks Noah

I'm surprised that no one has commented. 

So here's the usuall answer to most open, nonspecific questions:  'Give it a try!'

But I'd say - There is a lot of info in this forum about different types of foam that can be used as a blank.  I've been using HomeDepot EPS home insulation foam for the past 25 boards!

First for you to do would be to find out what type of foam it really is.  Does it have a lot of little beads of white foam?  Or, is it pink or blue or tan/brown smooth foam? 

HOpe this helps get you started.

It’s tan colored and smooth. Not beads like styrofoam. I put some epoxy on it and it didn’t melt it so it seems alright. Just not sure as to density and the necessity of a stringer. I have built a couple wooden boards but this will be my first try at foam. Thanks for the input. Noah



I've not tried the tan foam because somewhere on Sways someone said it wasn't good.  But, it's a free blank try it and let us know how it worked. 

I use 3/32" balsa and palownia with 4 oz. Sglass over and under on my 1# Home Depot styrofoam and solid palownia rails about 1" thick.  They hold up really well.

I think the suggestion for no stringer just glass is 2x6oz top and bottom with a 4oz. patch.

Let us know how it goes.


Maybe this would be a good foam block for you to do some serious experimentation?? Maybe try a glass or carbon stringer, or no stringer, wild shape… just have fun with it - Try pouring acetone on the block… if it doesn’t melt it’s most likely PU or PE foam, I’m guessing pretty high density if it’s for industrial/construction use. Could be good foam to make a super-thin board like a tuna or something!

Thanks for the input. It will be a while till i can start but that TUNA idea sounds sweet. Maybe i will give the alaia finless vibe a try. Thanks Noah

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