Rob Machado egg part 2... fins!

The one I’m thinking of having made (off the 6’5" template) will go with the standard track down the middle. Would it be worthwhile for alternate riding/conditions to have fcs plugs put in for thrusters? Anyone have any conclusive thoughts on if this could be a good idea?

The FCS plugs will give you more options as far as fin configurations. By adding them you will be able to ride it as a thruster, single, 2 plus one, or twin fin even. Id say have em put in.

that was my thought process get some small trailers for the track in addition to the normal singles… and have some ability to shift around i’d mostly want to ride it single but on one board hauling days that the conditions change/or someone wants to use it you can throw it into a thruster config or 2 + 1