Rob Machado Egg

I am looking to make a single fin egg similar to the one Rob Machado/ Channel Islands made. I am looking to make the board around 6’5" in length. Has anyone made a board similar to this shape and length and can provide me with more dimensions, such as thickness, width at 1ft from tail, width at 1ft from nose, and width at the center. Thanks. Please see picture below -Ben

stock me too post… i’d love to get the details on this…

I have shaped alot of eggs. Id hazard a guess that board would be around 6’ x 20’ x 2 58’ nose 14" tail 15" That board is not really a true egg, the nose is more like a wide shortboard nose.

Talk to Jim Phillips or Greg Hunt, or even Gene Cooper. Those guys are making really cool boards like that. Oh, and Guy Takayama makes really good boards in the seven, six to eight foot range. He uses very low nose rocker.

That’s a pretty straight on shot of that egg. If you have Illustrator, or similar, you can make your outline… If your sure of the length it’s easy. Otherwise you need to know a ballpark of the width. Place the picture in your file and blow it up until it is the length you want. Use guides to help line everything up. Then measure the width, if it’s around your target, you’re golden. I usually also check the width on both sides of the stringer to make sure they match… this would signal if the photo was not taken truely perpendicular. From there go about your outline as discussed in previous Illustrator/CAD discussions.

6-9 figures I came up with were: 6’9"x23 1/2"x2 5/8" 16" nose 17" tail

just getting ready to do shape one of those for myself [smile] here are the dimensions i came up with for that fine lookin’ CI. For a 6’1": 20-1/2 width, wide point: 3-3/4" forward of center. 2-5/8 thick, 15-3/8" nose, 15-5/8" tail. 1-3/4" tail rocker, 3" nose rocker. can’t wait to try it out. what blank would you guys use for the 6’1" ? brian

6’7 or 6’7A blank looks good for a 6’1 RME

There was a discussion about this on another board and someone posted the dimensions: 6’9" x 21 x 3 6’5" x 20.5 x 2 7/8 6’1" x 20 x 2 5/8;f=4;t=000316 Hope that helps.;f=4;t=000316

Hey guys, thanks so much for all your replies and information. It’s people like you that make this forum so great. I weigh 175 and am 6’ tall, so i figure i will go with the 6’5" dimensions. Cheers. -Ben

After some heavy thinking, I think I’ll do a 6’5" 6’5" x 20.5 x 2 7/8 anyone wanna guestimate the 12" from nose/tail measurements? i’d like to say 15/16

What are you using for a template? What blank are you going use? Basically, how are you taking those dimensions and applying it to a blank? Any idea?

I have been toying with the idea of a single for a while and have been tossing these dimensions around, my height and weight 5’5"x 135 lbs. Nose 14 1/2", wide point (+2") 20", tail 13 1/2", thickness 2 5/8. Bottom basically flat with slight V the last third of the bottom. Rocker, not too much in nose and just enough in the tail. These dimensions may seem a bit narrow compared to the others posted but keep in mind I’m kinda small.

I would simply say that you should be careful. I made a single fin and it sucks really bad. I wouldn’t even want Osama Bin Laden to have to ride it. That’s how bad it is. I keep meaning to leave it at the beach with a note that says “free to a good home.” You think I am kidding about that? Nosirree. It’s bad. It’s in the archives, in the 7 foot plus section. It says “Fairbanks Surfboards.” My whole point is that if you are going to take single fins seriously, do it right. I know several shapers who refuse to do retro stuff. They all tell me the same thing: “Mike, the reason people don’t make boards like that anymore is that they rode like crap.” On the other hand, there are a few magicians out there making some good single fins. I have two that ride great, and one that rides like a train would at Waikiki, like crap. Guess which one I made? My personal experience tells me that three masters make great single fins: Jim Phillips, Craig Hollingsworth, and Gene Cooper. You could include me in that list if the list were “guys who shape like crap.” Have fun.

I’m kind of gun shy on making another single fin shortboard too. The last one I did, an egg, while not being a total dog, had problems with the fin sliding out. That was remedied by adding some side bites. I’m still trying to figure out what to change should I attempt to do another single shortboard (I’d really like to have a single shortie thats a keeper). I have two single fin longboards that work great. Back to the drawing board.

fairmont, You forgot to add Geoff Mccoy and Greg Pautsh. Single fins as loose as thrusters that don’t spin out. Ever.

Is that the Greg Pautsh who shapes out of Costa Mesa? I have an egg that he made, tri-fin, that’s unreal. Didn’t know that he was well know for his single fins. When I got my last board, he wasn’t doing much shaping but I’d love to get in touch with him about a single fin. Is he still shaping?;f=4;t=000316

Hey Foamdust, I’m curious to know what surf or conditions would cause your single fin to spin out.

I want to secound the praise of geoff mccoy.I have a 6’4 single fin that I love,the hollower the better, I don’t pretend to understand how this board works design wise, man, It Goes. Check out the McCoy web page.

Pautsh is still shaping. He was Geoff Mccoys pupil during the late seventies and early eighties. Geoff said he is one of very few that can do his type of boards. Before I got to know Geoff all I ordered were Pautshs. He is in Costa Mesa if you speak to him tell him his biggest Fan in Florida says hello. I used to live not to far from him, but I had to move back to Surf hell. Pautsh is not doing the nuggets, but the double bump swallow single is his specialty. Both Greg Paustsh and Geoff Mccoy are great guys and even better shapers. Their kind are a dying breed. Good luck If you need to get in touch with GP let me know. All of these retro singles that are coming out are the type that did not work and were replaced by twinnies. Mccoy’s first double bump single fin is what became the moder thruster. Even Simon Anderson gives him credit for it.