Rob Machado Hair, truth or fiction

I hear Rob Machado has more follicles on his head than a Chinchilla?

Either way, he’s the coolest pro surfer.

What does the boy eat to gorw the fro???

haha my friend just eats absolute crap food aand grew a jewfro that was 18 inches in diameter

i met rob a few years ago and i asked him what the secret was behind his soulful surfing…he said it was the fro…so i grew my own…

(inline image won’t show)

…i’m not sure what it’s done for my surfing…but it certainly is fun.

I see Rob out all the time…It has nothing to do with his Fro…

I grew a Fro one time.I have this big bald spot on top (sunroof) and when the Fro grew out it looked like a damn birds nest.The local Bluejays were eyeballing me with great interest.It didn’t help my surfing. RB

i don’t think that the fro has helped my surfing per se, but it has made it more fun. i’ve had short hair my whole life, but now when i do a head dip or something like that, i get to throw my hair back all wet and it just looks really really REALLY cool. and the ladies love it.

My son who sports what we like to call a “full Machado” says that the wind resistance of his jewfro slows him down just enough to help him stay in the pocket and get deeper barrels. I wouldn’t know:)

“i get to throw my hair back all wet and it just looks really really REALLY cool. and the ladies love it”

yeah i could imagine the conversation…“is that a chiapet on your head or are you happy to see me??”

sorry…I’ve been with the same lady for 17 years…any day above ground with a woody is a good day…

that cpould very well be true my friend with a jewfro couldn’t run across the width of a basketball court with out getting winded btut that also could be because he is the mpost out of shape person i know.

I am so happy to hear someone else use tthe term Jewfro- we always say it, have for years. I love spouting yiddish in the water. That, Ramones lyrics and odd wavecraft and most people just avoid me. It’s always good to have a creative strategy to surf town.

I’d grow mine out again, but then everyone would know I’m having a mid life crisis. mike

Nobody’s fro beats King Buzzo’s!!

I had an afro back in the '60’s when everybody had lots of hair. Then I started getting thin in the front. Now, if I let my hair get long, I look like Bozzo the Clown. Anybody remember him? Doug

Haha the Melvins rule! Long live King Buzzo!

The Melvins are STILL rocking! 21 years strong!