Hi everybody,

Just finish to make a rocker bar for measuring my rockers. Wanted to show you it. It cost me around 40€. For french shaper I did it in les Landes so I’ve got all informations to make it by yourselves. 


Looks good! 

Hey Thanks!!

Hi Plank, yes please describe your construction and what you used, especially for the brackets at the bottom!

I used a piece of hardware called “coulisseau” in french and you can buy it here Coulisseau en acier nickelé LUDMANN | Bricozor. I just take off the piece of iron which is sliding along the coulisseau. The other things are just a 3 meters aluminium ruler that you use in house building to plane concrete. The part that you stamp along the rocker is a 3mm MDF board (medium wood) that I cut in a slat of 4/5 cm. And few screws for holding the coulisseau on the ruler. That’s it. 

You just need to be precise whant you drill the MDF to screw the coulisseau on it. 


Oh and it works great. Ahahah I spend so many hours measuring and copying rockers! I’m totally addict.

Straight lid stay

Nice shortcut for english speakers! thanks!

Yup! Haha

or look for lid slides - (these are cheaper but you’ll have to come up with a locking system - bolt and a wing nut would probably work fine 

Nice one Plank, thanks for the link, clever stuff and simple enough…