Rocker/concave on a noserider

I’m ordering a new noserider. It will be 10’2" long, 19-1/4 nose, 23-1/4 mid, 16 tail, 3-1/4 thick, 50/50 rails all the way. I know it should have a little tail rocker and a slight vee but I don’t know what to do with the nose rocker and concave. What is the difference in performance between: A) slight nose rocker with a shallow but long concave (41") and B) none or very little nose rocker with a deep and long concave. I’m trying to design the best noserider I can. Turning is secondary.

Nose and tail width are pretty full in relative to a 23.25" wide point. Why so wide in the N&T?

I rode a 10’2" Model 'T" (Takayama) with similar dimensions. What do you suggest?

Beardw, The Takayama Model T is a good shape. (I thought I recongnized those dimensions). If you stay close to those measurements, you’ll probably have a decent noserider. You probably noticed that the model T has very parallel rails, and a generous concave in the nose. Stick with that. The best thing is to just give it your best shot, and enjoy the results. You may come up with a subtle change that makes it even better than the Takayama version. Good Luck, Doug

Depending on your size, it’s strange how some equate extreme nose width to tip time. Rocker and technique being more of a factor than a huge nose. Just wondering. I have found a wider tail and hip with a narrower nose to be more favorable for tip time along with flatter front and more tail rocker esp last third. Good luck.