rocker for a little 5'4" Quad

Hey Swaylock Shredders!

Looking for a little bit of advice on tail rocker (just a ballpark estimate) and bottom contour for a small round quad… The board is for me at 175 lbs(i plan to leave it thick), 20 yrs surfing consistantly, maybe intermediate ability, shaped for small to medium beachbreak days - I want it to be a carvey and fun alternative shape…It will be shaped from a 5’10" fish blank.  Anyway - just seeing if anyone has had any luck making some thing similar.  I was going to do a double concave that has some vee begining around the center of the board.  -> Thoughts?  Oh, and flat as possible nose rocker.


Im going to try to attach a PDF of my outine…



Just skin and shape. Don’t mess with the stock fish rocker.  It is already set fine for a fishy style board. Because of you size 175 I would think a little single to dub and blend the two back around 1/3 up. I find blending the single to dub between your feet allows you to maximize the lift to compensate for how small the board is. 

A little Vee is great in a wide tail fish maybe but you are making a stubby shortboard. Think SB bottoms. 

The outline looks fun. Enjoy

Thanks SanO !!!  Good point about the bottom contours, too. 

Can’t wait to leave work and begin to shape it!