Rocker for Alex Knost model?

I was wondering if anyone knew about how much rocker the alex knost model has in the nose and tail. where are its flat spots? and finally what is the bottom tail portion like? I thought i read it was a v bottom tail but im not sure. V bottom good for noseriding or turning? thanks

Ill see if I can get those numbers, my friend Gerrard shapes those boards.

Hey Jaybar-

I bought an AK model to surf when I was visiting CA. The board was quite unconventional. Narrow nose. Small tear drop “deep” concave. An interesting tail kick. Rolled bottom. Don’t remember a V. Comes with a Greenough Style flex fin. The way the board is designed to surf is like the way Knost surfs it. Off the front 2/3. Trim oriented style board for a lightweight surfer.

I took it out at 4-5’ C-street in Ventura. Maybe a little bigger than the board was designed for. The board lost speed behind the pocket: it’s supposed to stay ahead in the curl. Noserides fine, but not as good as other popular single fins on the market that I’ve tried: Model T, CJ Nelson, Tyler Noserider, etc.

The colors are really nice though. The board is also a pretty reasonable price new. I’ll try to post some pics.


Can someone give numbers on the rocker of the Alex Knost board, and some comments on bottom? A separate thread list the other key dimensions:

“The dimensions on a 9’4 are nose-16.5’’ width-22.5’’ tail15’’ thick 3’', single fin setup 50/50 rails”

By the way, now that Alex Knost is no longer riding for Robert August, this board will be reintroduced as “The Retro” or something and be available by special order. My local shop tried to see if Robert August had these in stock. Unfortunately, at the moment, they are not available in the new england area. This got me thinking it would be a good choice for third garage board.

thanks, ed