rocker help

how would i measure the rocker on my hynson fish?do i put a long level on the bottom of the board the measure from the level to the nose and then the tail? thanks in advance!

there is already extensive discussion on what is the “proper” way to measure rocker.

the simple answer is that there really is no proper way, and the numbers someone gives you for nose and tail can result in very different rocker curves.

if you want to duplicate the rocker on your hynson, make a template of the entire rocker.

Yep. The straight edge should be level at the board’s center point. Measure 12" and 24" from the nose and tail (or more often), in addition to the tip of the nose and tail.

Those hynson fish look really neat. I can’t believe how thin some of the epoxy ones are.

Good luck!

the reason i ask is because i want to use either a 4inch thick piece of foam or a 6inch thick piece of foam and cut a board out of it will this work?it looks like the hynson has 4inch rocker.what is the most rocker a board can have inch wise from nose to straight edge.

You should be able to lay your board on a table (without fins) and measure the highest point the board reaches (probably the tip of the nose)… That ought to tell you how much foam you need. Just look at the profile of the board and draw an imaginary square around it that doesn’t cut anything off…

I’d do what Soulstice said and build a rocker template of your fish, if you plan to use it’s rocker measurements… The template will make it obvious how thick your blank needs to be.