Rocker Help!

Hey guys,

Well, I’m am planning on making a 5’8’ retro fish hollow wooden surfboard. I have experience working with composites, vacuum lamination and wood work. Saying that this is my first surfboard. It’s been a bit of a dream for a while…

I have the plan shape. 21" wide, nose and tail 16 1/2 wide. I plan to have it 2 1/2 inch thick. BUT i am fairly lost about the rocker… I have searched around, but don’t really know. I was roughly, very roughly, thinking about 3 1/2" at the nose and 1" through the tail, but I don’t know how to distribute this… Flat through the tail??? or a small bit. Another thing, the rocker neutral point would be at the part were the board is the thickest ans widest right?

Any help would be much appreciated.

I can get a pic up of the plan shape if that would help.

Oh and I’m about 5’11’ and 70kg, if that helps.



Oh, and its a twin fin. Similar to the 5’8’ these guys make;

What you have described is well within the ballpark of fish designs. Rocker included. Build it, ride it, and make any changes, in the design, your ride experience tells you to.

Thanks Bill. I suppose trail and error then.

With a 1" - 1 1/2’’ tail rocker, the tail is almost dead flat. Is this fine, or would a small flick in rocker be more suited. My instincts say go with the flat, the curve could possibly cause a sucking down effect??


For a board that short, that is pleanty of rocker in the tail.


My first and only 5’8" quad fish had 3 1/2" nose rocker and 1 1/2" tail rocker. Even curve through-out. It goes well in a good range of waves.