rocker help

hey, I am going to be making a single fin like the ones Al Merrick shapes. How much nose and tail rocker for a 6’1’‘? Also, what type of blank should I use? The dimensions are N-14’’ M-20’’ T-15’’ widest 1’’ above center 2 3/4’’ thick. thankyou very much! I REALLY appreciate it! S

5 1/4", 2 1/8"

4" the nose and 2’’ in the tail move the wide point 4’’ up from center keep the nose 1.25’’ thick at 12’’ and the tail 1.25-1.5 thick at 12’’ and the board at least 2 3/4’’ thick. I make alot of these this way and they work good and paddle well, catch waves easily. the blanks I use are walker 7’4’’ you cut alot off but you can shape the board and adjust your rocker accordingly. Hope this helps. rick

I made a 6’3" single egg cut out of a 6’9" R blank. Wide point up 3". Works great. The 7’3" eaton is a good low rocker blank for single fins.

i’m making a larger style egg. going with about 7’4"…keep the widepoint 4" above center still? rocker?