Rocker Measurements at 1' from nose and tail

Hi Guys,

New to shaping and going to have a go at a performance thruster shortboard, cut on an aku machine.

My main concern is the rocker and thickness at 1 foot from the nose and tail.

I’m heavily front footed so was going for a 3 stage rocker (pretty flat in the middle) 5" on the nose and 2 1/4" in the tail


Anyone want to help a brother out and give some input into rocker measurements and thicknesses 1 foot from the nose and tail?


This board is to fill the gap between my 6’6" x 19 1/8 step up with 6" nose rocker and my postmodern fish (6 0 x 20 1/4 with 4 1/4" nose rocker)

Its for 3-4 foot hollow waves (keep burying my outside rail on these waves on the fish but the step up doesn’t carve nicely)


I’m 6 4 and weigh 85kg (187 pounds) Here are my design specs

6’4"  x 12.06 x 19.33 x 14.65 x 2.63

Squash tail

Single to double to V out the tail


Image shown is what i’ve got so far (standard 6 7 blank in yellow)

nose at 1’

Rocker = 1.68"

Thickness = 1.63"


tail at 1’

Rocker = 0.9"

Thickness = 1.76"

[img_assist|nid=1064414|title=sc sb rocker|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=59]





still trying to get an image on here…

and the outline…

Use your eyes. If it looks good, then do it. 

PS. maybe you should try shaping if you are new to it

pretty much your size, and front footed as well.  Template and rocker look nice, single to double perfect for a front footer.  However, since for smaller waves, why not draw one out with same relative proportions at 20" wide and maybe bump the nose width just a tad.  You’ve probably got size 12 feet, that extra bit of width will let you put a lot more leverage on your turns without over burying the rail, plenty narrow enough for the barrel, and a lot more paddling and planing drive.

If you’re burying your outside rail on the Fish, probably because the nose is either too wide/ shape too parallel for the waves you’re riding. I’ve got a stubby that will do the same thing if I’m not paying attention when I release the inside rail.

nice shape!


Sheesh, tough crowd.

Thanks for you responses, especially icc

I’m a bit hesitant to add much width since my issues on the fish occur on my bottom turn and I want to make sure I can get that inside edge in.

Everyone’s got to start somewhere. I work in product design so I’m used to looking at shapes on a screen. I’m doing this because I want to learn about different aspects of board design, the results aren’t what’s important it’s the attempt.

Soo, I take it most shakers just eye ball rocker curves and foil from experience.

Does anyone have useful guidelines for rocker?

I tried using something from the surfer Steve website

He suggests the rocker at 1’ equals tip rocker devided by 2.5 and the rocker at 2’ equals the rocker at 1’ decided again by 2.5. This is for both nose and tail

This didn’t work (sharp inflection in the middle)

Anyone else got anything?

Het Bootman,

Shaping is sort of an art-form for most here. And for them it is. But you can craft a beautifull ring, or an Audi part. All difficult, all worth it, computer or not.

If you have access to such a machine, go for it. I agree that the whole process is worth something to the person involved: you. The most important person in the world!

I would use a machine too if i could, board building is not only about planers.

Experienced shapers don’t eyeball stuff… Not even Jim Phillips, he also measures rockers and such stuff. 

Experienced shapers build their own shaping machines, or parts that do the same thing, look at these pictures below:

Working with your hands adds some sensitivity, that is for sure, maybe that is why people like working with their hands/emotions?

Anyways, for rocker purposes, this is for a 6ft3 hp rocker: 


Nose        1'         2'          center        2'         1'          Tail
  5''       1 13/16''   9/16''         0           3/8''     1 1/4     2 3/8''
Performance rocker for good surfers, works best when board is pushed rail-to-rail by the rider
Pictures from -hand- shapers? Drewtang and Rusty, backyard v.s. frontyard?
















































Maybe… this is art [if done by hand] :: or is it just skill, eternal question!





























Almost always a bit of chop to paddle through, Bootzilla, posting on this forum...just part of surfing here.

Trouble on the bottom turn tends to be rocker/foil issues unless the fins are set wrong.

also think about your fin positioning - front footers usually do well
pushing the fins up just a tad - maybe 1/4" on a board that
length…something to think about.

Your shape looks good, no need to over analyze (surfing son is a Google designer with the same tendency), suggest just go for it.  Once you ride it a bit, you’ll know what changes you want to make on the next one…and that would be a good thread to post - lessons learned and why.