Rocker Profile Help...

Hey guys,

Just about to start my second board,

Am doing another 5’11" fish but am doing it compsand styles…

I am wanting to know if anyone can help me with a rocker profile or templates for a 5’11 fish for small mushy waves in the 1 - 3 ft range… Its going to be a quad fin again but am going to go with FCS this time instead of glass ons…

If anyone can give me advice or supply me with templates of previous similar boards it would be appreciated… I already have the shape sorted, just need to sort out rocker profile for my hotwire cutter…

Thanks again guys…


Here’s a plan for a retro Fish - Deep swallow - Beak nose - Needs some hand touches

Look for the Grunion file in Janklow’s post.

Good luck!;search_string=aku%20shaper%20file;#323314


Whats the best way to print these files out, how do you guys do it?? try and print many pieces out and stick together?



Whats the best way to print these files out, how do you guys do it?? try and print many pieces out and stick together?

You can print them out and stick them together, but I prefer to take the pdf to a printing shop and have them print it using a wide-format printer or banner printer, full-size, onto paper. You might have to do a bit of calling in advance, but you shouldn’t have to pay more than 10 $. You can then transfer it onto mdf/masonite/whatever, or just go straight onto the blank.

There is some good info on this in the archives, if I can remember the exact thread I’ll post it to save you the searching.

Surfdings rocker looks real good, I can post a different one in pdf if you want.

Yea that would be sweet if you could post some PDF’s


I also print to PDF then print them out and tape them together.

Use a straight edge to make sure they are true.

On the print menu you can select to either “print outline” or “print profile”.

Thanks, How do you guys print the PDF’d out in series? i can only print it to a one page size…

Hi Tomo,

From the print options choose “print profile full sized” – then if you have adobe you can choose to print to PDF, or if not, it will just print directly to your printer.

you don’t really need to print to PDF to make it work - i just like to save the files that way…

also, don’t be confused by the option “make PDF file to send to friends customers” - that’s not the one you want

Hey Tomo, if you are still having print problems I know the demo version of adobe illustrator will let you print several different layouts, some software is much more robust than others allowing versatile printing.


I figured it out last nite but dont have a printer at home, Tried to do it at work just now and realised that APS gets blocked by the company firewall damit!!

If anybody has the time, could they upload the generic 6’2 rail profile in PDF or a rocker profile for a Modern fish shape around the same length Please??

The board will be for 2-4ft waves with medium power but are not that hollow, typical NZ waves!

Or even DEANBO’s 6’3 from this post;search_string=aku%20shaper%20file;#323314 as its probably for similar NZ waves. DEANBO??

Thanks in advance


this help Tomo?

here is a 4n2t rocker just under 2.5 thick, if you want either of the full pdfs pm me your email.